What are You Afraid of?

Usually when we’re trying to figure out what our calling is, we ask questions like, “What am I good at?”, “What do I love doing?” or, “What keeps me up at night?” All of those are really helpful. But I’ve found that there’s another question that might reveal what God has called you to do: “What am I afraid of?”

We live in a fallen world that needs to be saved. And God has given each of us powers and invited us to join Him on this mission of saving the world. But the Enemy, our Lex Luthor, has an ingenious way of using fear to shut down our powers. What better way to keep Superman from ever flying than to make him afraid of heights? What better way to keep The Flash from ever running than to give him motion sickness? What if the thing you’re afraid of doing is actually the very thing you’ve been created to do? All of us are afraid of something and we spend our whole lives running away from it. But no matter how far we run, there are some things that keep running after us.

I’ve always been afraid of public speaking—along with almost every single other classmate I’ve ever had. But unlike most of my classmates, for some reason, every teacher, every youth pastor and every random person who vaguely knew me, kept asking me to speak in front of people. And it didn’t matter how clear I made it to them that I did not want to do this. It wasn’t until I finally stopped running and realized that God was moving through me, that I finally learned to embrace it.

God created all of us to do something and we have an enemy who doesn’t want us to do it. So some of our fears keep coming up in our lives because there’s a supernatural conversation going on between God and the Enemy about us. So if you’re wondering what God wants you to do, my question to you is this: what are you afraid of?

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