The Book of Quotes Summer 2018

Black woman: I wanna go to West Virginia and do white people things. Me: She needs your help. She has a white bucket list of white people things she wants to do. White woman: Can I have a…non-white list? Me: You can say it. A black list? White woman: Ok. Good. Woman #1: Every time […]

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On Blackkklandsman

Last week I went to Williamsburg, Virginia for a family vacation and we watched Blackkklandsman. And I’ll tell you up front—I wasn’t ready. There’s a lot in that movie that would take more than this post to address, so I’m just gonna boil it down to four key things that stood out to me. For […]

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“God is a Woman”

Ariana Grande recently dropped a new song called “God is a Woman”. For obvious reasons I was intrigued by this title. It reminded me of a class in seminary where the professor asked us, “Is it bad to say that God is a rock?” We all said no. But then he asked, “Is it bad […]

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The Book of Quotes: Spring 2018

Guy: Before this gets any more complicated than it already is, I’m gonna awkwardly back away and hope this all works out. Guy: I thought I was selfless until I got married. And humble? I thought I was running for the next Gandhi office. Guy: You’re really intense. Can you dial it back a bit? […]

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The Awkward Dictionary

This is a collection of terms some of my friends and I gave to some awkward scenarios. This way, whenever they happen to any of us, we can easily explain exactly what we experienced. If anyone can think of names for other situations I didn’t mention, please let me know and we can add it […]

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The Book of Quotes: Winter Part 3

Guy: I feel like I haven’t been in the Book of Quotes for years. I feel like crying. White man(to Palestinian woman): Forgive me if this is culturally insensitive. (to Palestinian husband)Please translate. Palestinian husband: I’m actually looking for a gun. Woman: I recommend living by a cemetery. Me: Top 3 reasons. Woman: Your neighbors […]

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