When God Fails

  Yesterday, I experienced quite a fail. Like, flat-on-my-face-everyone-saw-it-and-there-was-no-way-of-looking-cool-while-doing-it kind of fail. I was asked to rap at my church during worship for the song “Oceans”. I was souped because my wife was leading that song so it was our first time spitting fire together. It was gonna be lit. So I wrote the bars. […]

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When Worlds Collide: Prologue

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” King Avery grinned and nodded as he looked out at the land underneath him. From the top of the hill, he could see everything: every village, every city, every floating mountain and every flying river, every valley of diamonds and every desert of silver. After breathing in the scenery for a […]

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When Worlds Collide: Epilogue

Twenty years later I waited on the tarmac with hundreds of other men and women staring up at the violet sky. Today was the day. “How many you got coming?” Mr. Nye asked next to me. I almost didn’t hear him from the thoughts buzzing through my head. “Three. I have three.” “Good for you,” […]

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When Worlds Collide: Chapter six

For the next two days, everyone in Basilea went in different directions. Some started packing their things and preparing to leave. Others stormed the capital, demanding to speak with me and the rest of my leaders. But the vast majority were preparing for war. As for myself, I navigated the panic the best that I […]

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