The Girl Who Could Make Fire

There once was a girl who could make fire. And this girl’s name was Maxine. Maxine used her powers to protect her kingdom from a giant ice dragon who would attack the kingdom every few years. She was the bravest girl in her entire kingdom. Until one day, she had an accident, hit her head, […]

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Fashion and Friendship

I believe that men see friends the same way that women see clothes. When a woman is about to go out with friends, she opens her closet to an array of various outfits from pants, skirts, dresses, and gowns. There are different levels of fashion. But a guy’s closet is basically pants and dress pants. […]

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I never know how to react when I hear about women being sexually abused, harassed or assaulted. The immediate reaction has always been something involving castration via rusted pliers or a tiny room and a donkey high on viagra. I’ve been following some threads of #MeToo and found some comments on Gabrielle Union’s page that […]

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The Book of Quotes: Summer 2017 Part 2

Girlfriend(to me): Stop staring. You’re a black man and they’re old white people. Guy: Jesus washed people’s feet. It’s biblical. Me: I’ve always wondered what the modern equivalent would be. Maybe washing each other’s drawers. Guy: Ok! It was nice seeing you! Me: Did you recognize which quotes were yours? Girlfriend: Yes. They all said […]

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Charlottesville and Houston

I may get into some trouble for this post. Maybe it’s too soon. But I can’t help but notice a strange pattern in the church lately. When the riots in Charlottesville broke out, some churches said very little from the pulpit. That was fine. It happens. We’ve been here before. Nothing new. But when Hurricane […]

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