The Awkward Dictionary

This is a collection of terms some of my friends and I gave to some awkward scenarios. This way, whenever they happen to any of us, we can easily explain exactly what we experienced. If anyone can think of names for other situations I didn’t mention, please let me know and we can add it […]

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The Book of Quotes: Winter Part 3

Guy: I feel like I haven’t been in the Book of Quotes for years. I feel like crying. White man(to Palestinian woman): Forgive me if this is culturally insensitive. (to Palestinian husband)Please translate. Palestinian husband: I’m actually looking for a gun. Woman: I recommend living by a cemetery. Me: Top 3 reasons. Woman: Your neighbors […]

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The Best Part about Being a Woman

While writing A Tale of Two Genders, I asked some women what the best part of being a woman is and I got some really insightful answers… The connection and community you can make with other women. There’s nothing as bonding and empowering as a group of women who can come together. Always having something […]

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4 Reasons I Loved Tomb Raider

I watched Tomb Raider and I thoroughly enjoyed it in one sense and was painfully disappointed in another. What was disappointing was the story, which fell apart within the first two minutes of the introduction. It was built on a spine of stupid decisions that didn’t have to be made. Even aside from the plot […]

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Paul the Apostle Review

I went into the Paul movie with low expectations. Mainly because because of decades of watching disappointing Christian movies. But I have to say, this one was thoroughly enjoyable. But before I get into what was great about it, I have to get one glaring flaw out of the way. The movie isn’t really about […]

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