Life Lessons from Wolverine

Wolverine is one of my favorite superheroes. It wasn’t just his claws that made him such a boss, but the fact that he could heal from anything was always insanely cool. I remember a scene in the first X-Men movie where he literally got shot in the head, went down and a few minutes later, his forehead healed, the bullet fell out and he got back up and walked away.


But interestingly, our bodies aren’t that different. God created your body in such a way that it will naturally heal itself when it gets hurt—not as fast as Wolverine, but it’ll get around to it. Nobody has to come alongside your skin and encourage it to heal that paper cut.

Your soul is the same way. When you get hurt emotionally and you’re depressed, you have the ability to encourage yourself and rise up out of it. The same way it’s ridiculous to think that crying will make the paper cut heal faster, sitting around moping about your problems won’t make them go away any faster, either. You can encourage yourself, stand up and walk into your healing.

But there are some wounds that are so deep that we don’t think we’ll ever heal from them. For those wounds, we’ve got our own personal doctor ready to sew us back together. Jesus has a clinic in your soul, but like any doctor, He’ll only heal you if you let Him.

A woman once walked into a pastor’s office and confessed that she’d had an abortion 20 years ago and had been carrying the guilt from it ever since. The pastor invited her to pray and asked her to imagine that day again in her mind and to ask Jesus to show her where He was. When she shut her eyes, she broke down crying uncontrollably. When the pastor asked her what she saw, she told him, “I see Jesus. He’s holding the baby and they’re smiling at me. And He says, “I’m not mad at you and neither is he. You’ll see him again someday. We’ll be waiting for you.”” And she was free from the guilt from that day on.

So no matter what has happened to you, there’s healing for your soul. All you have to do is ask the doctor.

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