Rethink What’s Possible

I recently discovered a game called Dirty Minds where players are given simple riddles that sound super dirty. And I just had to try an experiment on my kids at summer camp. My theory was that since kids haven’t been corrupted by filthy influences yet, they should be able to figure these out easily. And they did.

These are some of the riddles I asked them. See if you can solve them without thinking anything dirty.

You can find me at the Y

A lot of people come in me

I’m deep, warm and wet

Answer: Swimming pool

Sometimes you use your mouth to get me started

I can do it again and again and again

Towards the end I get softer

Answer: Echo

I only go down on you at night

When I go down on you, it can make you cold

When I beat on you, I make you hot.

Answer: Sun

I start with the letter “C” and end with the letter “T”

I have hair and I’m circular.

I have delicious white liquid inside of me.

Answer: Coconut

After you turn me on I get hot

You can’t use me until you screw me

If I’m not on tight I might fall out

Answer: Lightbulb

Before you think that I’m some weird creep for doing this, there’s a method to my madness. Seeing these kids knock out these riddles one after the other made me wonder: how much of the world are we missing out on because we’ve become too “mature”? How many simple problems are we stressing out over because we’ve become too “intelligent”? How much easier would life be if we could just think like a kid again?

I think what makes you a child is that your favorite question is “What if?” and it’s always followed by something positive. So you ask, “What if people could fly? What if I was a cartoon? What if there was a world in the sky?” But you know you’re no longer a kid again when your favorite question is “What if?” and it’s always followed by something negative. “What if I’m wrong? What if they don’t like me? What if I fail?” At some point, you lost your innocence.

But what if you could recapture that? What would your life look like if you could see the world the way a six-year-old does? The next time you find yourself thinking, “What if I mess up? What if I’m wrong? What if I fail?” make the choice to think like a kid and ask yourself, “What if I do this and everyone loves me? What if I become the best person I can be? What if I do this and it changes the world?”

So go ahead and be a kid. Unleash the creativity.

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