If Jesus Were Black: Chapter Eight

A few weeks later, half the Twelve were in jail for conspiracy with no bail. The only ones who escaped somehow were me, Peter, Thomas, and Mary. So we all decided to lay low until this all cooled down and we could figure something out. But three months went by with nothing and we had no idea what to do. The movement was over and we were too weak and scared to pick it back up.

But one day, when we were sitting in Thomas’ basement, Mary came in talkin’ some crazy stuff.

“You’ll never believe this!” she told us. She ran up to the table and dropped a CD in front of us.

“What’s this?” Peter asked her.
“A new album,” she replied. “Just dropped today.”
“By who?”
She smiled before saying it. “Jesus.”
Peter slammed the table. “Don’t play like that, Mary. He’s dead!”
“Then how’d He come out with new music?” Mary shouted. “It’s in every store all over the country! People are bumpin’ to it right now!”

“So what are you saying?” Thomas asked her. “That He’s still alive?”
“I dunno!” she said. “I just know that this album just got dropped and there’s stuff on here that He couldn’t have known about before they killed Him.”
Eventually she popped it in a player and we listened to it. Three times through. And she was right. It was definitely Him. And the songs were definitely all about stuff that had happened after He died. So either He’d known all this was gonna happen or He was still alive.

“But that ain’t even the crazy part,” Mary went on.
The door opened and a white dude in a three-piece suit walked in and we all got up real quick.
“Relax,” Mary said. “He’s cool people. He’s a lawyer. One of the good ones.”
We relaxed a little, but still kept our eyes on the dude. Cuz he looked just like Simon’s friends and those Luis Vuitton fellas.

“My name’s Joseph,” he told us and pulled in a little freezer on wheels. “A few months ago, Jesus asked me to make sure His new product hits the streets after He dies.”
“So He knew this was gonna happen?!” Peter screamed.
“Knew?” Joseph scoffed. “He planned it.”
“What?! How?! Why?!”
“What’s the product?” Thomas asked. Peter was about to have an aneurism, but Thomas was cool as ice.

“You’re not gonna believe this,” Joseph explained. “But this product is stronger than any drug that’s ever hit the streets. We don’t understand how it works or why it works, but it does. One shot of this and you’ll be seeing yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But the effects are different in everybody. Some people see into other dimensions, some can heal, and some become bulletproof. That stuff Jesus was doing to gang bangers was just the beginning.”
“I took it,” Mary confessed. “I know it works.”

We were all hooked and waiting to see what this was. What could be more powerful than what we’d seen? A crack and heroin fusion laced with weed?
“Just open it!” Peter shouted.
And Jospeh opened the freezer and showed us what was inside—dozens of plastic packets.
We stared in disbelief, but Mary looked at us and was still smiling.

“‘Your freedom is free. It only costs for me’,” she recited.
We were still confused, but soon we’d be just as convinced as she was.
Because inside those packets was His blood.

“This is how we change the world.”

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