When Ideas Come to Play: Chapter three

Celeste and Mark worked together for months. And the more time they spent together, the more Mark started to change. He was seeing things in his classes he had never seen before and was blowing his teacher’s mind. He wasn’t getting much homework done, but he was pointing out things in History class his teacher hadn’t even started teaching yet and finding shortcuts in Math that even the middle schoolers didn’t know about. Celeste was changing the way he thought about everything.

And things that used to bother him no longer mattered anymore. Like the bully in sixth grade who liked to take his lunch money. This was because all the money he used to use to buy lunch, he was now using to buy things Celeste requested like firecrackers, cat food, rubber balls, and newspapers. But Celeste was also changing herself.

That ball of light was the first of many mysterious objects from the idea world she would bring to Mark. And soon, his room was filled with glowing artifacts of all shapes and sizes. Things that looked like pyramids, DNA helixes, diamond crosses, basketball-sized stars, and floating pink clouds. All of them were glowing and shimmering with that shifting light that made it obvious there were from another world. Mark was always fascinated to wake up and see something new Celeste had brought. But after a while, it was starting to get hard hard to see anything else in his room. He couldn’t even find his clothes in the morning.

So he emptied out the guest room and brought Celeste inside.
“This will be your room,” he explained. “We’ll still work. But everything we do will be done in here. So if you have anything you wanna show me, we’ll keep it here.”
“Got it!” Celeste nodded with a thumbs up.

And the next day, Mark opened the guest room to find a dozen other ideas floating near the ceiling, waving at him with excitement. Celeste had brought friends.
“Hey guys!” she cried, flying around and slapping them hi-fives. “Glad you could join the party. Markie’s gonna let us crash here. So let’s get to work!”

Most ideas are like cats. After they realize they can trust you, they’ll go out and find a bunch of other ideas just like them and invite them in to work with you. And Mark knew this. So he wasn’t surprised or intimidated. In fact, he immediately introduced himself to them all, jumped into his chair at his desk, and started writing everything down that they said to him. Because that’s what artists do. And Mark knew this.

And it’s why Celeste had picked him.

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