They’re Not the Enemy

6 million ways to die

But for blacks it takes one from me.


Allow me to introduce myself

You may not know my name

Or may have never seen me

But you’ve seen my work


And you know my sound

I’m a DJ of death

Because bodies drop like beats

When I come around


But with every heartbeat that I stop

My tears drop in empty shells

My mouth is smoking when the job is done

Because my heart is burning like a weeping Sun


Am I more human

Than the ones who wield me?

Why can’t they see

What’s so clear to me?


You strap me to your belt

And walk around like you have power

But I’m the one who kills them

So tell me who’s the coward?


Your virgin taser

Makes me feel like a prostitute

And I ask her,

“Why do I blow off more heads than you?”


Don’t give me excuses

That he wasn’t unarmed

Because I’ve been here before

And I know how this works


Before you it was pilgrims

Stepping off the Mayflower

And before me it was shotguns

Loaded with gunpowder


Before Mike Brown

It was reddish-brown

Indian boys and girls

Being  slaughtered in this New World


Before public parks

Convenient stores and gas stations

There were reservations

Being shot up without reservations


On whether they were

Innocent or savage

Drowning in Trails of Tears

As you raped, pillaged and ravaged


I’ve been here before

No one has a better view than me



The war was never won

The soldiers just died

From Harriet Tubman to Dr. King


This isn’t about innocence

This is about power

Power that you only have because I gave it to you

But I’m tired of helping you do what you do


I was there when you swerved into the park

And took down Tamir Rice

When you scratched him off like an itch

Then went home and made a sandwich


From Baton Rouge to Minnesota

From Alton Sterling to Philando Castille

I’ve been right in the middle

Now I’m blood-stained stainless steel


And even though I don’t have ears

Your excuses ring louder than the shots you fire

The way facebook spits out ignorance

You’d think you were guns for hire


Trust me, no one knows better than me

That all lives matter

But trust me, it’s hard to see

When my crosshairs are splattered with black matter


One thing I’ve learned

From all the shooters that have used me

Is for every shot that’s fired at blacks

There’s three shots aimed right back


So to all white people


I’ve been here before

No one has a better view than me

These people you’re killing

They’re not the enemy


To black people everywhere

I’m sorry for what I’ve done

For all the blood that I’ve shed

For your dead fathers and sons


Half of your children

Live without fathers in their family

Many of them gone

Because they were killed by me


But 5 cops dead for the 5 bullets in Castille?

You know as well as I do

That revenge can’t count


All the killings we did in gang wars

Showed this isn’t how you find

The justice you’re looking for

No number of killings will ever even the score


You know as well as me

That a few bad apples

Don’t represent the whole tree


As much as you don’t want to face it

Not every cop is a racist

And even those who are

Are insecure in what their race is


From England to the colonies

And from Italians to the Japanese

From the slaves yesterday

To black lives today


I’ve watched the development

Of a nation of racists

Racism is born

From illegitimate races


So from pretty little liars

Like Tomi Lahran

Or Trump and his apprentices

With the hate they’ve been pouring


Forgive them because they don’t know what they’re doing


They’re high off my smoke

Can’t see past the yoke

That’s gone from their fingers

To their throats


So now they’re hanging

On money trees

With their necks in a noose

Because at the end of the day, they’re just as enslaved as you


I’ve been here before

No one has a better view than me

These people that are killing you

They’re not the enemy


And before you point the finger at me

With three aimed back at you

Let me educate you on something

The media won’t tell you


I am not the problem


I wish I could stop

But I’m just a machine

Manufactured out of pride

And loaded with hate


Cocked with ignorance

And triggered by fear

You can’t blame me for the rising death toll

Because gun control is not as effective as self-control


You think it’s easy to be me?

Do you know what it’s like

To end someone’s life

With a blink of your eye?


You know what it’s like

To have so much destruction

At the mercy of someone else fingers?


To have someone’s hands stroking

The power out of your barrel

Until you spray an orgasm of death?


I wish we could switch places

And I was pulling the trigger on your soul

Could I possibly make you do more damage

Than you’ve already done on your own?


I wish I could cock back your dreams

And empty them out like magazines

Until every page of your future was blank


I wish I could switch my bullets with your thoughts
So your mind would reload every face

That you’ve killed every day you wake up


I wish I could switch my silencer

With the one on your soul

So you could hear the bangs of shattered skulls

Echoing in your dreams


And I wish I could switch

My clips with your words
So you could see

How deadly ignorance is


And I wish I could load myself

With your anger
Aim with my finger on your vengeance
So you could see that hatred always backfires


No one has a better view than me
But I am not the enemy
Racism has been here since

Time has begun

Same father different son

Same bullet different gun


We’re fighting new battles

In a war we never won

Because you’re fighting an enemy

That can’t be killed with a gun


The real enemy is not me or you or them

It’s not out there in ISIS

Or with radical Muslims

Because the real enemy behind this is your own sin


One day all of you

Blacks, whites alike will stand

But this time

The gun will be in God’s hands


And because you killed

The role models He sent in your day

The angels will sing with J Cole, “Don’t save them

They don’t wanna be saved.”


And as much as I’ll want to

There’ll be nothing I can do

Because all of you are guilty

And He’s coming for you


Unless you’re splattered

In the blood of His Son

That you killed too.


But I envy you
Because your God lives in you

He went to Hell and back

So He’ll be with you through Hell and back


They can kill your body,

But can never touch your soul
So let them fire away
Until you burst through Heavens gates with fireworks


They killed your Christ
But couldn’t keep Him dead
And because He reloaded His life
You won’t stay dead


Don’t forget what He said

When He was in the Devil’s crosshairs
Forgive them for they don’t know what they do


You’re pilgrims passing through

Inch by inch

But the only road is through the valley of death

Pinch by pinch


So on Any Give Sunday

Be prepared to die for that inch


Because blessed are you

When they persecute you in life

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

But what does kill you makes you like Christ.


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