Fear is Like a River

Fear is like a river and most of us live neck deep in it. We spend most of our lives wading very carefully, doing everything we can to keep our heads above water. Then, whenever we make a mistake and fall, we go under and drown or at the very least get swept away downstream, never to be seen again.

Some of us manage to learn how to swim through our fears. But this doesn’t get us anywhere because the current of our fears is so strong that even though we aren’t drowning, we’re still controlled by fear and it directs everything we do.

The key to getting out of this river isn’t to learn how to swim, but to learn how to grow. When you grow, your fears will go from being neck high to being chest high, then to waist high, then to ankle high until you’ve grown so much that you’re running across the surface of your fears.

Don’t run away from your fears, grow past them.

runnign on water

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