91 Rejections

  I recently got another rejection letter. But there was something different about this one. For you to understand it, I’ll explain how the publishing process works by comparing it to a relationship… Getting published is like getting married. Before the marriage, you have to start dating and develop a relationship. That’s where finding an […]

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The Harley Quinn Effect

  I’ve been noticing a strange pattern in people I know lately so I decided to describe it in the best way I know how–using superheroes. I call the pattern “The Harley Quinn Effect” where I’ve noticed that certain kinds of girls seem drawn to certain kinds of guys. But before you read further, I […]

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Get Out

  This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait a while for more people to see the movie. Before I go into what I thought about it, I want to make one thing clear. I believe that racism is still alive in America. I believe that the plight of African-Americans […]

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Like a Man

The other day I was driving a group of young women into the city for an event. I was the only guy in the van surrounded by women and as usually is the case, a conversation about gender eventually ensued. At some point, we started talking about things men don’t understand about women that are never […]

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What’s my Name? – Chapter 6

“This makes no sense!” Adolf screams, staring at the open closet door. “How did she die?” Maria shrieks, pulling her hair. Alex is pacing the floor, but a lot slower now than ever before. “Who is it?” Adolf asks. “It has to be one of us. “But we both know it’s not me. The landlord […]

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