5 Reasons Not to Say You’re the Least Racist Person in the Room

No, this isn’t gonna be a rant about how racist Trump is. This is solely about the phrase itself and how it’s fundamentally problematic. So whether you’re a Trump supporter or a Biden supporter, conservative or liberal, white or black, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t use this phrase. Ever.

  1. If it’s true, you shouldn’t have to say it

It’s like saying “I’m the most humble person in the room.” If you were, you wouldn’t be saying that. If you’re really not racist, it works better when other people say that about you, not when you say it about yourself. So just be yourself and let your non-racism speak for itself. 

2. It alienates everyone else in the room

By saying you’re the least racist person in the room, you’re literally saying that everyone else in the room is more racist than you are. This is a pretty shady way of building your credibility. Why backhandedly discredit other people in order to make yourself look better? Why not just rely on your own non-racism without subtly calling everyone else racist?

3. It points to a bigger problem

Guys, imagine you’re on a date with a girl and the first thing she says is, “I just want you to know that I hate drama.” Chances are she actually loves drama. Only people who like drama will let you know, unprovoked, that they don’t like drama. Or ladies, imagine you’re on a date and the guy repeatedly tells you, “I’m the least sexist guy you’ll ever meet.” After a while it might either feel patronizing or suspicious. You’ll probably eventually wonder, “What did you do that made people accuse you of being sexist?” So if you feel the need to let people know that you’re the least racist person in the room, that begs the question, “What did you do that made people say that about you?”

4. It’s really arrogant

Like, grossly. Not to mention it’s a sign of a staggering lack of self-awareness. Obviously not every white person is racist. But all of us has some level of “ism” in us. Every man has some level of sexism in us. Every black person has some level of colorism in us and some level of racism against other minorities. Every black person has some level of animosity or “racism” against white people. We all have some level of everything in us. The problem is that we don’t always have the self-awareness or willingness to acknowledge it. So to say that you’re the least racist person in the room is to assume that you know how racist everyone else is and how racist you are and you’ve concluded that you’re the best. That’s insanely arrogant.

5. You don’t have to go that far

You could very easily just say, “I’m not racist.” Going to the extreme of insisting you’re the LEAST racist person in the room implies that either you’ve been accused of being THE most racist(in which case one has to wonder what you’ve been doing to earn those accusations) or that you’ve been accused of being a regular racist and you’re exaggerating to compensate. So at the end of the day this statement shows that you’re either actually racist or really insecure.

At the end of the day, you’re not racist if you use this phrase. It’s just really unnecessary and dramatic. Of course no one wants to be called racist. But if you truly believe that you aren’t racist, trust that the people who know you best can vouch for you. And if you genuinely feel the need to express your non-racism, just stick with a simple, “I’m not racist.”  If that’s not enough for people, then either they need to examine themselves or maybe you need to.

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