Breakdown of Four

There is SO much to breakdown in this story and I won’t even try to cover it all here. I’ll leave that up to any of you who enjoy decoding stories and finding deeper meanings in them. But I hope you enjoyed Four’s story. Here are some of the “Easter eggs” I put in to help you understand a little bit more about Fours.


Myth buster: Fours are not always depressed 

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A common misconception is that Fours are always sad. This isn’t true and this is why I made a point to make Four the most theatrical and dramatic of all the types thus far and give her a unique sense of humor. The reality is that Four’s aren’t always sad, it’s just that they’re more acutely aware of their emotions than most people. So when they feel joy they really feel joy and when they feel sad they really feel sad. But that being said, they do have a bit of an appetite for the darker emotions.


The sarcasm

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“Your sarcasm is hope dipped in disappointment.”

This is how the Gunsmith describes Four’s humor. This is a generally accurate depiction of the humor of many Fours. This is partly because at their core, Fours want to wish for the most elaborate things and reach for more in life. But inevitably their dreams fall short and they never truly see what they’ve been imagining. But since they can’t fully do away with this romanticized longing, it manifests as sarcasm: which is their hope dipped in disappointment. 


Double meanings

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Grace tattoo

First off, Four gets a Grace tattoo even though grace wasn’t one of the feelings that the Gunsmith put in her gun. The reason is that grace isn’t a feeling–it’s the act of giving unmerited gifts(like good feelings) to someone who doesn’t deserve them. So she gets a tattoo of grace because the Gunsmith shooting her with joy, wonder, love etc. when she doesn’t deserve is itself grace.


“Something that will never run out. So it’ll always be enough for you.”

Four finds out later that she’s been shot with grace. This adds new meaning to his answer to her question of what’s in the pouch. When he says “something that will never run out so it will always be enough for you.” he’s saying on the one hand that he’ll never run out of grace for her. On the other hand, he’s also teasing her when he says that it will always be enough for her because he’s acknowledging how much darkness she has. Thirdly, him saying “enough for you” is a nod to 1 Cor. 12:9 where Jesus says “my grace is enough for you.”


The music

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The first time Four is introduced she’s jamming out to Bohemian Rhapsody in the middle of a gun fight. This was because Fours seem to have a very particular relationship with music. They seem to pair music to their emotions the way people pair wine with cheese. So a Four may be the type of person to think something like, “I’ve got a slice of nostalgia with a drizzle of regret. That’ll pair well with this Nickleback album.” Because of this, the songs I picked to go with each chapter were a lot more intimately connected to the scenes than with the other stories. The lyrics of all three songs for the chapters express what Four is actually going through. Four even quotes Bohemian Rhapsody in the middle of chapter one. Furthermore, Four quotes songs endlessly throughout the story both to her fellow characters and to the reader. She quotes the Rainbow Connection to One, Never Enough to the Gunsmith and Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the reader. 


Easter eggs

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Hidden names

As a nod to the Fours reading this, I’ve hidden the names of some Fours I know throughout the story. If you caught them, good for you. There are 9 fours in all that I’ve intentionally hidden. There may be more that I didn’t intend, but who knows.



Cave of Synastisma–synaisthima is the Greek word for emotion


Four and Five

Another Easter Egg is the common thread connecting Four to Five. It’s often said that the biggest jump on the Enneagram is the jump from Four to Five with Four being the most emotional of all the types and Five being the least emotional. So I wanted to give a nod to that by giving both their stories a common thread. That thread was Alice in Wonderland–the riddle Five has to solve is from the Mad Hatter and Four has posters of Alice on her wall.


The time

Four tells the reader that her least favorite equation is 4 x 2 = 8 because it’s a reminder that Two was destined to be with Eight and not with her. She also regrets not being honest about her feelings for Two. When Two arrives at her apartment in chapter two, the time is 4:28, hinting that something’s about to happen that she will regret.


I hope you enjoyed the story. If you haven’t taken the Enneagram test and would like to find out your type, you can take this free test here.

Lastly, if you haven’t listened to the Four song by Sleeping At Last, check it out…




Original artwork by Andrea Ng

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