The Legend of Vartanis(Just a taste…)


                             Song: “Promise” by Thomas Bergersen

For those os you who may not know, I recently self-published a children’s fantasy novel. Here is a taste of the first chapter for you to enjoy…

There once was a kingdom named Vartanis
where everyone lived in perfect harmony. Men and
women, boys and girls, lions and lambs, and
dragons and dolphins, all lived and played together.
It was always spring and never winter in Vartanis.
There were forests with leaves of every color under
the Sun: red, orange, yellow, and even joy. What
was that? Joy isn’t a color? Well, it is in Vartanis. So
are peace, laughter, and love and every forest was
painted with them.
However, what made this kingdom so special
wasn’t that the animals got along. It wasn’t that
dragons helped humans cook their meals. It wasn’t
that emotions had colors. It wasn’t even that lions
gave babies piggy back rides. No, what made this
kingdom extra special was that everyone had a very
unique power.
See, in Vartanis all the men and boys had the
ability to control water. They used this power to
make wonderful things like floating waterfalls and
river roller coasters they would ride with the
dolphins and sea lions.
All the women and girls on the other hand had the
ability to make fire. They used this power to make
wonderful things as well like fiery tornadoes and
wings made of flames so they could play with the
Now you might be wondering: how in the world did
fire and water get along so well? That, my friend,
was the wonder of the kingdom. The boys and girls
would put their powers together to make fantastic
things like hot tubs in the middle of forests, water
slides on the sides of volcanoes, and play fire
dodgeball and water tag.
Everyone lived and worked together in harmony:
men and women, children and adults, fire and
water. Everything was perfect.

  However, there was one creature in Vartanis who
didn’t like this harmony: the evil Sea Serpent. It
hated it all so much that one day it changed
everything forever.
The Sea Serpent convinced a group of boys that
girls were weak and unnecessary because, of
course, fire could never beat water. It convinced
them that girls should never be allowed to do
anything that boys could do and that they should be
servants instead. So with time, this group grew to
hate girls and made plans to make all girls their
servants. They called themselves the Crystal
One day, when they had rallied all the boys in
Vartanis on their side, the Crystal Lords waged war
on all the women and girls, drowning everyone who
tried to stop them. The women and girls fought
bravely, but fire could never beat water. Sadly, in
one dramatic sweep, the Crystal Lords flooded all of
Vartanis then froze the kingdom. In the aftermath of
the war, the Crystal Lords and other boys like them
became rulers and all the women and girls became
their servants. Vartanis went from being a kingdom
to being an empire and a young Crystal Lord named
Andrew became the emperor. He renamed Vartanis
While Vartanis was filled with life and balance
between men and women, children and adults, and
dragons and dolphins, Andromeno was an empire
of division. Gone were the endless springs, volcano
water slides, and river roller coasters. Instead, the
Crystal Lords froze the entire empire until
everything was made entirely of ice. It was
stunningly beautiful, but also unbearably cold,
making it impossible for most of the animals to
survive. So all the dragons, dolphins, lions, and
lambs migrated far, far away from the cold empire of
Andromeno never to be seen again.

  But there was a prophecy that one day a Chosen
One would be born that would bring down the
empire and restore the kingdom. What is the
difference between a kingdom and an empire, you
ask? You’ll have to keep reading to find out…



Original artwork by Jessica Bryant

If you liked this taste, buy the whole book on Amazon today. Please don’t forget to leave a review to let us all know what you think.


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