When Worlds Collide: Chapter two

That night, I did what I normally did in times like this and contacted the one person who would know what to do.

“Is it true?” I asked when he arrived.

“Yes,” he said.

I paced the floor of the cave we were meeting in. The only light around us was that coming from his body.

“The Sphere is dead because the moon is dying?”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

I paced, rubbing my fingers against my chin. I had no idea what to do. Losing the Sphere was like the Earth losing the Sun. Life as we knew it would no longer be possible. But just like losing the Sun, we wouldn’t feel the effects until later. And later could be as soon as a day or as late as a year. Time, in every sense, was not on my side.

I stopped pacing and faced him. “What should we do?”

The Man in the Blue Light looked me straight in the face and told me the one thing I didn’t want to hear. “Leave.”

I hung my head. No. That wasn’t an option. It couldn’t be. Leave the moon? And go where? Back to Earth? That couldn’t be. It wouldn’t be. But I looked out of the cave at the stars and it felt like all of them were telling me the same thing. It was time. It was the beginning of the end.


The next day, the ending continued. With a bang. Some people say they saw it coming. Others say they felt it. But the truth is, nobody was prepared for this. I was there to bring Leah and Jimmy to school and give some semblance that everything was normal. But in a flash, all illusions of normalcy were shattered.

Because at noon, or what you would be familiar with as noon, something crash landed in the middle of the capital city and sent a shock wave splitting through the base of every sky scraper in a five mile radius. And then, with streets of civilians screaming and running in panic and buildings teetering off kilt, this being from another world stood, and addressed us all.

“Silence!” its voice boomed like thunder and everyone froze and stared in terror. I call it an it because I wasn’t sure if it had a gender or not. It was as tall as a bear, but slim as a giraffe’s neck, and completely naked, covered in gray, scaly reptilian skin. Its head was shaped like a gazelle’s and its eyes were glowing green.

“People of Basilea,” it said. “I come bearing a message. Your world is dying. And soon it will be put out of its misery. Your savior will come administer the final stroke of mercy. His name is Nefarious. He will arrive in three of your lunar days. You have until then to leave this world. If not, you will be destroyed along with it. Three days.”

And with that, he crouched, then launched into the sky with a bang that split our ears.

I looked down at Leah and Jimmy and the fear was frozen on their faces. So much for not telling the world yet. But this…this was something else entirely. What was that and where had it come from?



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