The Best Part about Being a Woman

While writing A Tale of Two Genders, I asked some women what the best part of being a woman is and I got some really insightful answers…

The connection and community you can make with other women. There’s nothing as bonding and empowering as a group of women who can come together.

Always having something to prove. Since no one expects something from me because of the stigma, when I do something cool, it sticks out.


Doing anything a man can do but better.

The ability to feel so much and allowing others the space to feel too.

“The power of the pussy.” Women have so much sexual power and being able to have that control is really powerful. This is also why it’s so devastating when that power is stripped form us.

Being allowed to want to be comforted and it being okay. We can want to be pampered and it’s not a bad thing.

Being able to give life in different ways not just biologically, but creatively. The nurturing aspect comes so easily. Intuition is also something that I’m thankful for as well. And also our bodies. It’s great to have a shape.

My femininity can include rough and tumble, dirty, sweaty, but then I can have the princess side in Ever After where everyone’s looking at me and the makeup’s perfect.

So many options for fashion.

I love being pregnant. I love being able to feel my baby kick inside of me and know that no one else can feel that. It’s the most intimate experience.

There’s endless discovery for us. I have a lifetime to discover my favorite. We change so much in our lives in ways that men don’t from little girl, having babies, menopause. It’s a life of endless adventure because there’s always something new to explore.

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