The Crazy thing about the Holy Spirit

I think there’s something really crazy that happens when a church ignores the Holy Spirit.

Among many other things, I believe there are 4 key things the Holy Spirit is responsible for: creativity, power, sexuality, and femininity. And you can find evidence for each of these in the Bible.

The first person in the Bible to ever be filled with the Spirit was an artist named Bezalel who God commissioned to design the Ark of the Covenant(Ex. 31:1-3), showing that creativity comes from the Spirit. Then in the New Testament, Jesus tells the apostles that they’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon them(Acts. 1:8).

The next two are less explicitly shown in the Bible, but the case can be made, nonetheless. Paul tells us in 2 Timothy that all Scripture is inspired by God(2 Tim. 3:16) and Peter tells us that prophecy in the Old Testament came when the Holy Spirit moved through people(2 Peter. 1:21). Therefore, we can make the case that the entire Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit. That being said, exactly in the center of the Bible is the Song of Solomon, a book of explicit sexual expression. So it seems safe to say that sexuality comes from the Holy Spirit.

Lastly is femininity. This one is the most difficult to argue for because no verse explicitly states that the Holy Spirit is the source of femininity. But nevertheless, a case for the source for femininity can still be made. God says in Genesis that He made human beings in His image, male and female(Gen. 1:27). Since Jesus, the Son, was male, and the Father is very clearly described in male terms, it seems logical to assume that the female dimension of the godhead must come from the Holy Spirit.

What’s crazy, then, is this: if a church shuts down the Holy Spirit, then it will most likely not have creative arts, power, sex or women. But if a church embraces the Holy Spirit, it will most likely have an abundance of creative arts, power, healthy sexuality, and women in ministry. And since all of these come from the Holy Spirit, it’s safe to assume that God supports all of them. So should we.

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