A Tale of Two Genders: Chapter Four(Jamar)

Homeroom and my first couple periods were pretty uneventful. I was able to fit in pretty easily. And by fit in I mean I sat in the back in every class. But it was no biggie. I didn’t have any friends yet. So I was just gonna make some friends at lunch. But then again, what if nobody wanted to talk to me? What if I did something stupid? What if I said something stupid? What would people think? And that was another thing. I couldn’t figure out why my brain kept asking me all these questions. Why couldn’t I stop thinking about things? Was something wrong with me? Was my head gonna explode? I wonder what’s for lunch.

Finally lunch came, I got my food, and I looked around the caf for a table with an empty seat. But everywhere I walked, everybody seemed to be locked into their friend group. But then I saw a table with only three other girls with plenty of seats around them so I walked up to them. I’d made friends freshman year with some guys playing spades at lunch by just walking up and hopping in. I figured it’d be just easy to do that with girls. I mean, how hard could it be?

“What’s goin’ on, ladies?” I said. “You mind if I sit with you?”
The girls looked me up and down with some mean stank faces then turned in their seats away from me.
Maybe they didn’t hear me. “Can I sit with you?”
One girl with thick eyebrows, the one I guessed was the queen bee, turned back around and looked me up and down again. “Excuse me? Who are you?”

What was up with this chick? “Alright, relax. I’m not tryin’ to hit on you. I’m a crossover.
“Well, you can take your raggedy, nappy-headed behind and cross over to the other side of the caf,” she spat back.
I laughed real slow. This chick wanted to fight. “Ok. Normally I don’t hit girls cuz I’m a guy. But seeing that I’m a girl now, I’m really considering it.”
The girl hopped up out of her seat with a quickness and was up in my face before I could say “mascara”. “Then hit me, then!”

She had a mean look in her eyes like she was looking down my soul for dinner and suddenly I felt something I’d never felt towards a girl before. I was actually a little scared. This chick was about to claw out my eyes because I wanted to sit with her.

“You know what?” I said. “I would fight you. I really would. But the way my waistline is set up, I’mma let this slide. You do you, boo boo.”
She scoffed and looked me up and down again. “That’s what I thought.”
I turned to walk away then muttered under my breath, “That’s why your eyebrows got you lookin’ like Bert.”
“What’d you say?!”
“You heard me!” And I kept walking.

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