If Zombies Were White…Chapter one

“Luis, let’s go!”
The guy had already reached the girl before Luis got there and sank his teeth into her neck. She screeched as blood burst from her jugular and sprayed in every direction. And Luis watched in horror as a second later, her eyes rolled back into her head, turned pitch black, and she pushed herself away from the guy who’d bit her. Then they both turned to him, snarling, and stepped towards him.
“Let’s go!” Jerome grabbed Luis by the arm and sprinted the other direction, dragging him through tables and chairs. The cafeteria was complete chaos. Everywhere they looked, people were eating each others brains out, ripping limbs, sucking out eyeballs, and chewing off legs. It was unreal.
But he had to help.
They were halfway to the exit when Luis spotted a freshman on the floor to his left. He was screaming as a senior girl limped towards him, her whole hand chewed off and blood spilling from the open wrist. Luis yanked his arm out of Jerome’s hand and rushed towards the freshman.
“Luis!” Jerome screamed. “You idiot!”
But Luis was already at the freshman and grabbing his hand. “C’mon! Let’s go!” He pulled him to his feet, but the freshman was clumsy and slipped back to the floor, giving the senior time to catch up. And before Luis could stop it, she grabbed his sleeve and sank her teeth into his arm. He screamed when he felt her break his skin, but reacted quickly and kicked her in her stomach. She fell back into a table and the freshman finally got a hold of himself and ran away.
But Luis stood there in shock, staring at his bleeding arm.
“Yo, Lou, I told you not to go!” Jerome was whining. He backed away, but couldn’t bring himself to leave his best friend.
Luis kept staring at the wound, waiting for the transformation to happen. But seconds ticked by and nothing changed. That was weird. He turned to Jerome. “I’m fine. Let’s go.”
Jerome blinked several times, but it didn’t take any more convincing. They sprinted the rest of the way towards the exit, ignoring all the screams and cries for help as the rest of the students ate each other around them. They burst through the double doors at the end, rushed down the flight of stairs, and hurried into the student lounge, locking the door behind them.
Jerome leaned against the door and took a second to catch his breath. “This is wild, bruh.”
Luis scanned the room, looking for other exits and saw one across the room. He was about to run towards it, but the news report on the television screen caught his attention.
“The breakout is spreading like wildfire across the United States,” the news reporter was saying. “Authorities are calling this a zombie apocalypse, the likes of which sci-fi has never imagined.” She went on to say other things about the number of victims and how every state seemed to be getting hit at the same time. But none of that stuck with Luis. What kept him standing there staring at the screen was the footage.
“What’s the matter?” Jerome asked, coming up to his side. “We gotta go, bruh.”
“Something’s not right,” Luis said, still staring at the screen. “The zombies.”
“What?” Jerome said.
“They’re all white.”
Jerome looked at the screen then back at the blood on Luis’ arm.
Luis looked back at him. “It’s only affecting white people.”

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