Chapter two

“Bro, get on the highway!” Jerome screamed at Luis. “Don’t you watch ANY zombie movies?! Just take the palisades all the way.”
“I’m gonna need you to lower your voice,” Luis said as he made a U-turn. But Jerome was right. Although the traffic on the thruway was crawling, the shoulder was relatively wide open and he cruised down it to the exit for the mall.
“So the plan is,” Jerome was saying. “We get some guns, get some gas, then we drivin’ down to Mexico. You know you probably have family down there and we could get us some pastelillos and some quesadillas when all this is over.”
Luis shook his head. “Everything you said in that sentence was wrong.” He swung into the parking lot of the mall and was surprised to see that it wasn’t overflowing yet.
“Well, I sure ain’t staying up here, bruh.”
“We can’t leave.”
“Yes we can, Luis. We get guns, get some gas, then drive to Mexico.”
“The virus is only affecting white people. We should stay and protect the people who haven’t been turned yet.”
“We get guns, get some gas, then drive to Mexico! What don’t you understand, Luis?! This ain’t a video game! You don’t get points for helping people!”
“But they need out—”
“We get guns, get—”
There was a thump as someone bumped straight into the hood of the car and Luis braked.
“Help us!” A black girl banged on the hood, fierce determination all over her face. An Indian man and a white woman came running from the left and waved at Luis.
“Help us!” they shouted.
Luis looked straight at the white woman’s brown eyes. She wasn’t turned.
“Dive, Luis!” Jerome screamed, reaching for the wheel.
“Please, they’re coming!” the black girl pleaded, still banging on the hood.
“C’mon, man!” the Indian guy and the white girl were banging on Jerome’s window now.
Luis’ eyes searched the area frantically for the zombies, but he didn’t see any yet.
“Go, Luis!” Jerome shouted. “Bro, I told you this ain’t a video game! We don’t got lives to be wasting out here! Slam the freakin’ gas and Fast and Furious us outta here!”
“They need our help, J,” Luis said, turning to him. “And that girl isn’t turned.”
“Yet!” Jerome corrected him. “One bite and she’s coming after all of us!”
Luis gripped the steering wheel, but couldn’t bring himself to drive off. But then he looked out the window behind Jerome and a bloody hand grabbed the white girl’s shoulder, turned her around, and a zombie took a bite out of her neck. She shrieked as blood squirted onto the glass. The Indian man screamed in horror and jumped back. Luis watched in disbelief as the white girl’s eyes rolled back, turned pitch black, and she threw herself onto the Indian man. Luis jumped out of the car, rushed around, and wrestled the zombie off of him.
The black girl was already jumping off the car and landed on the head of the first zombie, stabbing a knife into its skull Luis hadn’t known she had. The Indian man slipped away from his used-to-be white friend and hurried around the other end of the car as Luis kicked her away.
“Get in the car!” Luis cried and they all got in. He hit the gas and sped away, tires screeching.
Jerome shook his head next to him. “Don’t you ever do that again. It’s every man for himself out here.”

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