Chapter three

Ten minutes later, they were all in Dick’s Sporting Goods, sprinting to the guns section. There were about a dozen other people in the store, but overall, it looked like they had beaten the wave of desperate survivors who would soon be ransacking this place for weapons.
“Tiana,” the black girl told Luis.
“Luis,” he replied. “And that’s Jerome.”
Jerome didn’t reply and just gave an up nod.
“That’s Arjun,” Tiana nodded at the Indian man. “Thanks for picking us up.”
“I’m sorry about your friend,” Luis said.
“Kerri was more than a friend,” Tiana said, looking at Arjun. “She was his fiancé.”
Luis felt a pang of guilt in his gut. “I’m…really sorry.”
“We can cry about it later,” Tiana said, turning to the guns on the wall in front of them. And he watched in amazement as she pulled down guns one by one and tossed them to each of them. Then she found the ammunition for each gun and showed them all how to load and shoot.
“How do you know all this?” Luis asked.
“My Dad’s in the marines,” Tiana said, cocking her shotgun.
“So you like a black Tomb Raider, then,” Jerome said. “Like Latisha Croft.”
Luis rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.”
They headed towards the exit, but found Arjun standing near the cashier, staring up at the television screen.
“What is it?” Luis asked him.
“The breakout’s spreading faster,” Arjun replied. “The whole west coast is completely turned.”
“How’s that even possible?” Luis asked. “Did they get a head start or something? Why’s it moving so fast?”
There was a crash as several white zombies broke through the glass doors and limped towards them. Tiana aimed her shotgun, fired one shot, and blew one zombie’s head clear off. She marched forward without hesitation and blew off the heads of two others before the rest of the group joined in shooting.
The zombies lay on the ground, bloodied and bent out of proportion, as the group walked through them.
“Next time shoot before you wanna piss your pants,” Tiana told the guys. Then she led them out the store.
But Luis lagged behind with Jerome, looking down at the bodies. He turned to Jerome and shook his head. “There’s gotta be another way.”

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