Chapter six

“Let’s take a vote,” Luis said. “All in favor of making a vaccine…” He raised his hand. So did Arjun and Tiana.
“Ya’ll gotta be kidding me,” Jerome said, throwing his arms up.
“If it makes you feel better,” Arjun said. “The whole country’s about to be the United States of Zombies by tomorrow. There’s no way we’ll be able to find a lab with enough personnel still alive to help. So we’ll still have to go down to Mexico.”
Jerome shrugged. “Whatever, man.”
“And we still have to patch Mr. Thompson up,” Arjun said, looking back at the man. “Tiana and I can go find supplies. And we’ll bring the car in here then drive us all out.”
“Sounds good,” Luis nodded.
And moments later, Arjun and Tiana were gone, leaving Luis and Jerome with Mr. Thompson and Lisa.
“Where are they going?” Lisa asked.
“To get medical supplies for Mr. Thompson,” Luis replied. “Arjun thinks he can figure out a way to make a vaccine. But we need to get down to Mexico first.”
Mr. Thompson grunted and it was hard to tell if it was from disapproval or from pain. Lisa was still pressing the jacket against his side.
“So what do you guys do?” Luis asked.
“I’m studying education,” Lisa replied. “To become a high school teacher.”
“Cool,” Luis nodded. “What about you, Mr. Thompson?”
The man rolled his eyes over at him and let out a heavy sigh. “I’m a retired real estate agent and my wife was killed thirty years ago by a black man.”
There was a short beat of silence as Luis took in the implications.
“Well, we could arrange for you to meet your wife today if you want,” Jerome offered.
“You probably can’t even spell “arrange”, boy.”
“Will you stop it?!” Lisa scolded him. “You should be grateful that they’re even helping you.” Then she turned to Jerome and Luis. “I’m really sorry.”
Luis shook his head. “It’s nothing new.”
There was another short silence then Lisa asked a question she’d apparently been chewing over the whole time.
“I overheard you guys talking,” she said. “Is it true that we’re the last white people alive?”
Luis sighed. “You might be…”
Lisa scoffed. “Well, if you guys think I’m gonna repopulate this country with this man, you better have another plan.”
“Look at that,” Jerome chuckled. “Even in a zombie apocalypse, the old white man gets to go out on top.”
“That is not happening,” Lisa laughed.
“Let me die,” Mr. Thompson said.
“If you die, your whole race will die with you,” Luis explained.
Mr. Thompson lifted his head and looked him dead in his eyes. “I don’t want your help.”
Luis stared straight back at him and replied, “But you need it.”

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