Chapter seven

For what felt like hours, Luis and Jerome kept watch around the entrance of Barnes and Noble and had to shoot down three packs of zombies that came at three different times. But they were running out of ammo.
“We need more ammo, bro,” Jerome said. “Look at this. I’m low. And now I’m stressin’. I’m about to break out in hives, son. Look at my neck.”
“Shut up,” Luis told him. “We’re gonna be fine.”
“We need more ammo. Let’s go real quick.”
“We can’t leave them here,” Luis said, glancing back at Lisa.
Jerome rolled his eyes. “What’s the point of a vaccine anyway? We save Lisa and Trump and then what? They live happily ever after and have Mexican babies? All this for two people?”
“If we get the vaccine, it could lead to a cure.”
“Ain’t no cure for this, bro.” Jerome shook his head. “Even I know it ain’t that easy. We still ain’t got a cure for AIDS. And look how long that’s been out. You think we just gonna whip up a cure for this thing over the weekend in time for the next election? These people are gone. Done. Finito.”
“What if it was us?” Luis asked him. “And we were the last ones alive? What would they do?”
“They’d let our black behinds die!”
“Exactly.” Luis looked back at Mr. Thompson. “Be better than that.”
Jerome sighed and rolled his eyes again. “Whatever.”
Tiana and Arjun finally arrived, driving the SUV straight into the store, and parked a few feet away from the group. Arjun hopped out with a first aid kit and got to work on Mr. Thompson immediately.
“Get in,” Luis told Lisa.
She followed Tiana into the third row backseat as the guys waited outside.
“All done,” Arjun finally said several minutes later. Mr. Thompson was now in a brace and there were thick bandages around his stomach. “Let’s get him in the truck.”
They lifted him up gingerly off the floor and gently placed him into the backseat, giving him plenty of room to lay his leg out. But before Luis shut the door, Mr. Thompson looked at him and held his hand up.
“Why are you doing this?” he asked.
Luis felt the girls’ eyes on him from the backseat and Jerome’s glare behind him outside the car. But he stared straight back at Mr. Thompson and said, “Because it’s the only way we can live.”
Then he shut the door, climbed in the car with Arjun and Jerome, and drove off.

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