The Lost Boy: the Final Chapter

It turned out that getting into the castle wasn’t as difficult as Godson had imagined. He floated low around the perimeter and found a crack in the wall big enough for him to slip through. But getting out, he would discover, would be a different story.

He snuck through the halls of the castle as silently as possible, avoiding dozens of Black Knights around every corner, and wishing with all his might that he still had the shield. But eventually he overheard a knight talking about locking “that pesky little girl in the dungeon”, descended the stairs to the lower level, and found Numa sitting inside a cell behind a black iron gate.

“Godson!” she shouted.
“Shhhhh!” he told her, rushing to the gate. “They’ll hear you.”
But as if she didn’t hear him, she replied, “Look what I found.”
“The blue light, I know.”
“No,” Numa shook her head. Then she lifted a half-eaten bar of chocolate in the air, grinning from ear to ear.
Godson couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh and this too.” Numa stepped to the side and revealed a gleaming silver sword stabbed into the floor. “But I can’t pull it out. Maybe you should try.”
“Well, it would be much easier if I could get inside the cell, Numa.”
“This might help,” she replied, holding up a key.
Godson sighed, but couldn’t help but laugh again. “Then why didn’t you just free yourself?”

“Well, that wouldn’t be any fun,” she said, unlocking the gate.
Godson stepped inside, grabbed the hilt of the sword, then stoped and looked at Numa when a thought occurred to him. “Did you get caught on purpose?”
Numa winked at him.

He laughed to himself then pulled the sword out of the ground. The metal shone in his hand, lighting up the entire cell like a silver torch. Then he turned to Numa. “Let’s go. Getting in here was pretty easy.”
Then, as if to prove a point, a group of Black Knights suddenly appeared at the end of the hall.
“But getting out’s gonna be impossible!” Numa shouted. “This is gonna be so much fun.”

Godson watched as the Knights ran towards him, arrows aimed at him and Numa. He took a deep breath, held the sword with two hands in front of him, then ran straight towards the knights. He had no idea what this sword could do, but trusted that whatever it was was going to help them escape. And to his shock, the second he swung the first slash, there was an explosion of blue light and everything froze still. He kept slashing and went from knight to knight, cutting through their armor while their bodies floated in a sea of syrup. And when he was done, he stood at the end of the hall as time went back on the move and the knights’ bodies dropped to the floor.

“Well done!” Numa applauded.
And on they went through the castle, slashing through dozens of knights at a time at the speed of lightning on their way out. But by the time they made it to the dining hall, Godson was exhausted and stopped, hunched over his knees. The sword took a lot more energy to use than he had expected. And soon the knights were surrounding them on every side of the dining hall, arrows aimed and ready.

“I guess this is the end,” Godson breathed, holding his chest to catch his breath.
“Nothing ever really ends, Godson,” Numa said and she winked at him.
The knights pulled their bowstrings to fire, but suddenly, the ground shook with a series of thuds. The next instant, the doors were smashed open and a horde of ogres rushed into the dining hall.
“Shrekky!” Numa shouted.

The baby ogre giggled and held up the shield in its hands. Then it tossed it to Godson and he caught it. There was another crash as the swamp monster broke through a wall, holding the belt and helmet, followed by several alligators. And lastly, a pack of giant brown bears hobbled into the hall, roaring, with one of the cubs wearing the breastplate.

Numa turned to Godson next to her and whispered, “I can talk to animals too.”
Before Godson could ask why she had never done that before, a massive brawl ensued between the knights and the forest creatures. But within moments it was very clear that the knights were sorely outmatched and the creatures drove them out of the castle.

And when they were gone, the creatures gave the toys back to Godson then returned to the forest. And now, dressed in armor from head to toe, Numa led Godson back down to the dungeon where they found a gray-haired man with a golden crown in a cell waiting for them. The man stood and smiled as Godson approached, walked up to the gate, and said, “Well done, my son.”

And Godson discovered that day not only that his father was a king, but that he himself was a knight.

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