The Lost Boy: Chapter 8

It took Godson a full minute to fully process that he was falling before he finally screamed. He spun and tumbled as he went, seeing the ground come up then the sky above him in blurs. But he eventually got his bearings, spun right side up, and watched as he dropped faster and faster towards the forest below. He was going to die.

But then he remembered the boots. He didn’t know what they did, but he had to trust that somehow they’d help him now. Working quickly, he threw off his old shoes and managed to slip on the boots as he continued to fall. And then, when he was within feet of the treetops, there was an explosion of air underneath his feet and he bounced back up above the trees.

He was floating.

He looked down at the boots and laughed to himself. He leaned his body forward and flew in that direction, soaring over the trees quicker than a bird. He was flying! He kept leaning, twisting, and flipping, until he got a hang of the boots. Then he turned back towards the bridge, flew back up into he sky, and searched for the Black Knights. He found them riding through the forest and followed from above until they rode to a moat. A draw bridge was lowered for them, they crossed over and rode straight into a giant castle with walls thick and high and armed with archers all around.

Godson descended to the forest and hid behind a tree as he watched the drawbridge get raised and shut as the knights brought Numa into the castle. He dropped to his rear end and stared ahead in defeat. She was gone. He couldn’t break into this castle by himself. He didn’t have the shield to be invisible. He didn’t have the breastplate to breathe underwater and swim across the moat. And he couldn’t fly over the walls or the archers would shoot him down. And he couldn’t turn around and try to find the next toy on his won—he couldn’t do this without Numa.

This was the end.

And as he sat there, moping in his defeat, he saw something that stirred hope back to life inside of him.

The blue light.

It was shooting up from the roof of the castle.
As long as we make it to the light, everything will be fine, Numa had said.
And for the first time, he was excited to see it. The last toy was there. And if it was there, then that meant his father knew he could make it inside. He could do this.

And with renewed confidence, he ran towards the castle.

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