The Lost Boy: Chapter 7

After the swamp encounter, Godson’s faith in Numa reached a new height and he started to trust her, despite how horrifying that felt for him. And soon, the map was dry, they saw where the next toy was supposed to be, and they were at the top of a mountain, at the edge of bridge made entirely of rope. Godson looked up at the bridge, wobbling in the wind and connecting to the peak of the second mountain across the gap. Then he looked down and seeing how far the ground was made his head spin. But before he could even think of pointing out how dangerous this was, Numa had an announcement.

“Let me guess,” Godson said. “It’s the blue light.” And sure enough, when he looked where she was pointing, the ray of blue light was shining above them, shooting up from the middle of the bridge.

“Let’s go!” Numa hopped onto the first wooden plank, barely holding on to the ropes at the side for support. Godson followed her, much less excitedly, but followed her nonetheless.

They walked across the bridge for what felt like half an hour and Godson discovered that, despite how terrified he was, the belt on his waist seemed to be helping him keep his balance. Not once did he ever wobble, even with Numa skipping and making the bridge swing treacherously side to side. But he still forced himself not to look down. He wasn’t sure the belt would keep him from losing consciousness and falling to his death.

Then, when they reached the blue light, Numa picked up a pair of boots that were hanging on the wooden plank by their laces. She turned and handed them to Godson. “Put them on.”
Godson held onto the ropes and resisted the urge to look down. “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.”
Then Numa’s eyes went wide. “You’re right.”
For a second he thought she had changed too and was finally seeing things from his perspective. But then he realized she was looking at something behind him and turned slowly to see what it was.
“The Black Knights,” Numa said.

Godson’s heart pounded in his chest when he saw that two of them were already crossing the bridge. The rest had stayed on the mountaintop with their horses. And when Godson was secretly hoping none of this would get worse, three arrows lit with black fire came shooting past him, narrowly missing his face.

“What do we do?” he asked, ducking and gripping the ropes tighter.
“Use your helmet!” Numa suggested, heading further up the staircase.
Godson thought for a second why that would be helpful, but then remembered what he’d done with the alligators. He looked at the horses on the mountain and thought, Hey horseys. There’s sugar cubes at the bottom of the mountain. Almost immediately, the horses neighed, reared on their hind legs, then turned and ran down the mountainside, their riders screaming for them to stop. Now the arrows were gone. But there were still the two knights coming closer. And the helmet didn’t work on them. And before Godson knew it, they were in his face.

One knight grabbed the helmet and tossed it off the bridge. Then he grabbed the breastplate and the shield and tossed them away as well. He reached down to grab Godson next, but suddenly Numa was in front of him and he grabbed her instead.
“Run, Godson!” she shouted. And she shoved the boots into his chest and pushed him off the bridge.

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