World 6: Like Drinking Poison

When the family woke up this time, they were in a forest with brown trees and indigo leaves. Indigo bushes were on the ground with brown dirt and indigo grass.
“I’m hungry,” Lilly said, rubbing her stomach.

The rest of the children agreed. So the father sent everyone out with jobs to catch dinner. Serena and the twins hunted down wild turkeys, the father cut up the wood for the fire, Lilly chopped and skinned the turkeys, Jay hammered the spices, and the mother cooked everything over the fire.

And by the time everything was done, the Sun was setting and the forest was dark. So they all gathered around the campfire and ate together.
“I think this is our first family dinner,” Serena said.
The father nodded. “You’re right.”
“I like family dinners,” Lilly said. “We should have them more often.
Everyone in the family seemed to be happy. Everyone, except for the mother.
“Why are you so upset, honey?” the father asked her.
“You know why I’m upset!” she screamed, jumping up to her feet. “We’re stuck in the middle of some wild forest in the middle of the night with dumb purple trees! This whole world-hopping adventure is your fault!” And she cracked her whip on his shoulder.
“Mom!” Serena shouted.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes and the family went silent. Then there was a heavy thud as a giant, indigo creature jumped out of the shadows. The family screamed as it looked at the strange animal. It was as big as a truck, with indigo fur, and a long nose pointed at the ground like an elephant’s trunk. Its mouth opened up to show sharp teeth and it was standing on four thick legs. But the strangest thing about this animal wasn’t how big it was or that it had indigo fur. The strangest thing was that it had no eyes.

“It’s blind,” Serena whispered.
“It looks like an anteater,” said Max.
“So they eat ants, right?” asked Jay. “Not humans?”

The blind anteater suddenly roared and the family screamed. Max and Mike threw their ninja stars at it and it swallowed them like snacks. Then it sniffed the air, looked at the mother, and dove for the whip in her hand. The mother jumped back and whipped it on its nose.

“Follow me!” the father screamed.
And everyone followed him as he ran in the opposite direction. The family rushed through the forest with the bind anteater charging after them until they found a hole in the ground. They crawled down and hid inside the burrow. The anteater made it to the hole and stuck its nose inside, but was barely out of reach of the family. It kept sniffing and sniffing, trying to grab the silver whip out of the mother’s hand.

“I think it wants your whip,” the father told the mother. “I think it eats silver.”
“Yeah,” said Mike. “It ate our ninja stars!”
“Don’t tell me what to do!” the mother shouted to the father. And she whipped him in the shoulder. “This is all your fault.”
“What did Dad do, Mom?” Serena asked her. “Why are you always so angry at him?”
“What did he do?” the mother said. “I’ll tell you what he did.”
And the family waited in anticipation to finally hear what had happened.
“He cheated on me.”
The family gasped.
“With my sister.”
The family gasped again. “Auntie Laura?!”
“He’s a cheater!” the mother yelled. “Just like Grandpa!”
“I’m sorry,” the father apologized. “I made a mistake.”
“But there’s more!” the mother went on. “Go on, honey. Tell the kids.”
The children looked at the father and waited.
The father sighed and said, “I’m leaving your mother to go live with her sister.”

“What?!” Serena screamed. “You can’t do that!”
“Why, Daddy?” Lilly cried. “You said you’d never leave me.”
“You suck, Dad!” said the twins.
And Jay started crying.

But before the family could mourn over the bad news, the anteater came back, sticking its nose deeper into the hole. And finally, realizing that this creature was going to eat them sooner or later, the mother threw her whip up and the anteater swallowed it in one gulp. Then it burped, turned around, and walked away.

Then the portal suddenly opened up on the other side of the burrow.
“Get in the portal!” the father ordered.
And the family slowly crawled through, with Serena going first, then the twins, then Jay, then the mother. And as Lilly was about to crawl through, there was suddenly a thud in the forest above. The ground shook and the father fell into the portal. And just as the portal was closing, the father watched as the shadowy figure snatched Lilly.

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