World 5: Chains Against Humanity

When the family woke up this time, they were in another dungeon.
“Serena, I thought we beat your world already,” the father said.
“We did,” Serena replied. “I don’t think this is mine.”
There was suddenly a loud bang outside the dungeon walls.
“What’s that banging?” asked Serena.
“It wasn’t me,” Jay sang. “Saw me sitting on the counter…”
The bang came again.

“We’ve gotta move,” the father said. And they followed him outside the dungeon into another room. Inside the next room, they found a group of baby dragons sitting on the floor playing with each other.
“Awww,” Lilly said. “They’re so cute.”
The baby dragons breathed out blue fireballs into the air as the family watched.
Jay laughed. “They’ve got blue balls.”
“Stop being dirty,” Serena scolded him.
But Jay kept going. “They’ve got big, hot blue balls!”

Everyone rolled their eyes. But as Jay kept going, there were suddenly chains around his hands and feet. There was another bang again and it sounded closer this time.
“Let’s keep moving,” the father said. And he led the family into a hole in the wall, through a tunnel, and into the next room.
In the next room, they found nails all around them and a door lying on the floor.
The bang came again. It sounded like it was in the baby dragons’ room already.
“Jay, quick!” the father said. “Nail the door to the wall!”
Jay picked up some nails as the family lifted the door to the hole in the wall. Then he started hammering the nails in slowly and softly.
“Bang it harder!” Max screamed.
Jay laughed. “That’s what she—”
“Just do it!” the family shouted.

And more chains appeared on Jay’s hands and feet, until his legs and arms were now wrapped in chains. He finished nailing the door and stepped back with his chains rattling.
The banging came again and the family jumped back.
“Look, there’s a ladder!” Mike shouted.
“Everybody up!” the father said.
Everyone ran towards the ladder leading out of the room, but Jay couldn’t move. The chains had become so heavy that he couldn’t take one more a step.
The banging came again.
“Help me!” Jay cried.

The family gathered around and used their weapons to try to break the chains off. Serena shot her arrows, the twins threw their stars, Lilly used her dagger, the father used his sword, and the mother tried to whip the chains. But none of it worked.
“Maybe he should his hammer,” Serena suggested.
“You want me to bang it hard again?” Jay laughed. And more chains appeared on his arms.
“Stop being dirty!” Serena shouted. “Don’t you see? That’s what’s making the chains come.”
The banging came again. Whatever was coming was getting closer.

“Use the hammer!” the family cried.
Jay picked up the hammer and started hitting the chains. Instantly, the links shattered and fell off of his body. And immediately, the portal opened up at the top of the ladder.
The banging came again.
“Let’s go!” the father shouted, waving the family up the ladder. He helped everyone escape into the portal just as the door suddenly broke down. And standing in the doorway was the shadowy figure again, pointing his finger at the father. The father rushed up the ladder and disappeared into the portal.

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