World 3: Going Bananas

The next day, the family woke up in a jungle. All around them were trees filled with bright yellow bananas.
“Bananas!” Max screamed. And he ran up to a tree.
“Max, no!” the father shouted. “Grabbing the orange was what made the spider come in the last world. Nobody touch the bananas until we figure out whose world this is and how we get out.”
Max crossed his arms and pouted. Because, of course, bananas were his favorite fruit.
“Sorry, Dad, I’ve already got a banana,” said Jay. “In my pants.”
“Will you please stop?” Serena said.

The father led them through the jungle to find out what this world was all about. But Max stayed behind and grabbed a banana. And when he was sure no one was looking, he peeled it and took a bite. Then he tossed it away and followed the family.
They walked through the jungle for what felt like hours and saw nothing but more banana trees. Then, when they were just about to stop and rest, something swung through the air on a vine in front of them. Everyone jumped back in shock and spun to see what it was. But when they looked, they saw Mike land on a tree branch, waving his butt at them and making farting sounds.

“Mike, get down!” the father demanded. “This isn’t the time for your pranks.”
Mike climbed down, laughing at the top of his lungs. And along with his laugh another sound joined in. It sounded like an animal. When the family looked, they saw a monkey lying on its back, kicking its legs in the air and laughing uncontrollably. Two things were strange about this. One, they had never seen a laughing monkey before. And two, this monkey was dressed in human clothes. When they looked closer, they realized that the monkey’s clothes were the same as Max’s clothes.

The monkey finally stopped laughing, stood up, and walked up to Mike to give him a high five. Mike gave him a high five and laughed.
“It likes me,” he said. “Of course, cuz I’m the MVP.”
The monkey started saying things to Mike and talking excitedly and it was obvious that it was really trying to say something. And from the way it was looking at them, it seemed like it expected them to understand it.

“Why is it talking so much?” asked Serena. “And why is it in Max’s clothes?”
“Wait,” said the father. “Where’s Max? Max!”
The monkey jumped up and waved its hands in the air.
The family gasped.
“Max?” the father looked down at the monkey and it nodded. “You’re a monkey?”
The monkey looked at its hands in shock and shrieked. Apparently, Max hadn’t even realized he’d transformed.
“Did you eat the bananas I told you not to eat?” the father asked him sternly.
Max lowered his head in shame and nodded.

“My baby!” the mother cried, grabbing him in her arms. Then she turned to the father. “This is your fault! You ruin everything. This is why you did what you did, isn’t it?”
“What?” asked the father. “This has nothing to do with—”
“I don’t wanna hear it!” she snapped then cracked her whip against his arm. “You fix my son right now!”
“We’ll figure something out,” the father replied, rubbing his arm from the whip.

“Maybe there’s something deeper in the jungle,” Serena offered.
“Let’s go deeper,” Lilly agreed.
“Yeah,” Jay said, swinging his hammer. “I like going deeper.”

So deeper they went. Until eventually, they found a giant, yellow castle with banana-shaped towers built into it. They walked inside and found themselves in a bright yellow throne room and directly in front of them was a yellow throne where a brown monkey was sitting wearing a yellow crown. It was eating a banana when they walked in and screeched and jumped from its seat when it saw them.

“Who are you?” it demanded.
“Excuse me,” the father said. “Ummm…your highness. My son Max ate one of the bananas in the jungle. And now he’s turned into a monkey. We were wondering if you knew how we could turn him back into a boy.”
The monkey king looked down at Max then rubbed its belly as it let out a laugh. “Ohhh! That’s what you get for breaking the rules.”
“Please, your highness,” the father insisted. “Can you change him back?”
The monkey king straightened himself then stepped closer to the family. “Of course. But he’ll have to pass a test first.” He pointed at Max then at the floor in front of him.
Max climbed out of his mother’s arms and slowly walked up to the monkey king.
The monkey king cleared its throat. “Monkey me. Monkey you. Monkey see. Monkey do.”

Max arched his eyebrows in confusion. Then the monkey king clapped its hands. Max stared and the monkey king narrowed its eyes him. Then Max snapped out of it and clapped his hands. The monkey king smiled. Then it hopped on one foot. So Max hopped on one foot. Then the monkey king scratched its armpits. And Max scratched his armpits. The monkey king went through an entire game of monkey see, monkey do, doing things like squealing, farting, cartwheeling, and back flipping. Then, impressed by how well Max was doing, the monkey king turned to his throne and pointed at a red bull’s eye on the wall behind it.

“Let’s see if you can do this!” It pulled out a yellow dagger in the shape of a banana and tossed it at the bull’s eye, hitting it right in the center. The family oohed as they watched. Max grinned then pulled out a ninja star. He aimed, tossed it, and hit the bull’s eye right next to the monkey king’s dagger.

“Wow!” said the monkey king. “Nice job.”
He gave Max a high five and when Max pulled his hand back, it was back to normal. As a matter of fact, his whole body was back to normal.
“I’m a boy again!” he screamed, jumping into the air.
“He’s back!” his mother cried, hugging him. Then she glared back at the father. “No thanks to you.”
The father threw his hands in the air. “Would you gimme a break? I found the monkey king, didn’t I?” He turned to thank the monkey king, but when he looked, it was gone. And in place of the throne, the portal had opened.
“Everyone get in!” he shouted. The family followed his directions and they jumped into the portal.

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