World 1: Spellbound

The next day, the family woke up and they quickly realized something strange was going on. First off, they were no longer in their home. Secondly, they were in a dungeon, surrounded by a circle of torches with blazing red fire.
“Where are we?” Lilly screamed, and she jumped into her father’s arms.
Then, as if answering her question, the old man suddenly appeared in the circle with them. “Welcome.”
“Where are we?” the father demanded. “And why did you bring us here?”
“You may not know where you are,” the old man replied. “But one of you is very familiar with this world.”

But the family had no idea what he was talking about. None of them had ever been in a dungeon before.
“We’ve never been here before,” the father said. “And how is this supposed to help us become a happy family?”
“For the next seven days, you will be going through seven different worlds. If you can make it through all seven worlds, you will be a happy family.”
“Alright!” Mike screamed. “Like a championship! Don’t worry guys, I’m the MVP! I’ll get us outta here!”

Then the old man went to each person in the family and gave them a weapon. Serena got a bow and a quiver of arrows. Jay got a hammer. Max and Mike both got ninja stars. Lilly got a dagger. The father got a sword and the mother got a silver whip.
Jay held his hammer up to Serena. “Hey, wanna see me bang something my hammer—ya know what I mean?”
“Good luck,” the old man said. And he vanished.
“Now what?” said Lilly.
“I dunno,” said the father.
“Well, you better know!” the mother snapped. “You brought us here.”
“I didn’t bring us here.”
“You’re the one who told that wizard guy you wanted to be a happy family.”
“I do!”
“So this is your fault!”
“How is this—?”

Suddenly, a sound echoed through the dungeon. The family froze in shock. The sound came again. It was a creepy, maniacal, evil laugh. They looked into the mouth of a cave outside the circle of torches. Someone was coming.
“Guys?” said Serena. “I think I know where we are.”
“Where?” said the father as everyone gathered close.
Serena pointed to the ground and that’s when everyone noticed that they were standing on a pentagram carved into the ground.
“Is this some sort of ritual?” Max screamed. “I’m too young to die! Get us outta here, Serena!”
“Okay…” So Serena paced back and forth, trying to remember different spells she’d read about it in books.
The laugh came again.
“Who is that?” said the father.
Serena suddenly stopped. “Oh no…oh no…oh no. Not him!”
“Not who?” asked Jay. “Your ex-boyfriend? Who’s coming?!”
But Serena just backed away from the cave, shaking her head.
“Tell us who he is!” said the father. He grabbed her by her arms and held her in front of him. “Tell us who’s coming so we know how to fight him.”
“You can’t fight him,” Serena said, shaking.
“Who is he?”
Serena looked at him and whispered, “The Devil.”

The laugh came again and sent chills down the family’s necks. The next thing they knew, the Devil was standing at the mouth of the cave, tall and dressed in a fiery red suit and tie, horns on his head and a red pitchfork in his hand.
“Welcome home,” he chuckled. And with a swing of his pitchfork, he shot a stream of red fire at the family.
The family screamed and dodged and ran around the circle.
“Serena do something!” Jay screamed.
“I’m trying! I’m trying!” Serena shouted. She recited different spells she’d memorized, but none of them worked. So the family pulled out their weapons and attacked. The mother cracked her whip at the Devil, the father slashed him with his sword, Max and Mike hurled their ninja stars, Jay slammed his hammer, and Lilly stabbed her dagger. But none of it worked. The Devil just laughed at them and kept shooting streams of fire at them.

“Serena, use your arrows!” Jay shouted.
“They’re not gonna work!” she screamed. “I need a stronger spell.”
“Just use them!” her father ordered.
So Serena pulled out her bow and her arrows and realized that these arrows were different from any other arrow she’d ever seen. Instead of normal pointed tips, the tips of these arrows were crosses. So she loaded an arrow and aimed it at the Devil.
“That’s cute,” the Devil said. “Do you really think that’s gonna work?”
Serena fired the arrow and it shot into his heart. He gagged in shock, dropped to his knees and disappeared in a burst of red flames.
“Nice shot!” Max and Mike screamed.
Just as the family was celebrating, a blue portal opened up behind them.
“I guess that’s our ride out of here,” said the father. “Everybody get in the hole!”
“I love getting inside holes,” Jay chuckled.
The family rushed into the portal and entered the next world.

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