Seven Worlds of Freedom

Have you ever hated your family? Have you ever wished you could change your family? Let me tell you a story about how one big, very unhappy family became a happy family…

Before we start the story, I have to introduce the characters. The mother and father had 5 children and each of these children, along with the parents, had a unique problem that was making the family such an unhappy family. The oldest daughter was named Serena and her problem was that she loved witchcraft. She would spend all night reading books on spells and every wall of her room was filled with Satanic symbols. And because she was so involved with dark magic, she frequently had horrible nightmares. And so did everyone else in the family. Which is why they constantly told her to stop messing around with witchcraft. But she kept doing it anyway.

The oldest son was named Jay. He was eleven and his problem was that he, like many eleven-year-old boys, had a dirty mind. He spent his time watching dirty movies on the internet, looking through dirty magazines, and his favorite thing to do was to make dirty jokes out of everything his family members said.
Next were the twins, Max and Mike. They were both nine-years-old. Max’s problem was that he didn’t listen. If his parents told him to clean his room, he dirtied it. If they said to go to bed, he jumped on his bed. If they said to stop talking, he’d start singing. He just did not listen. Mike’s problem was that he thought he was the best at everything. He played every sport possible including basketball, football, soccer, track and field, swimming, tennis, golf, ping pong, and water polo. He also got very good grades and was on the high honor roll every year. Every time anyone, including his parents tried to tell him how to do something, he would immediately respond with, “I know how to do it! I’m the MVP!”

Max and Mike also loved playing pranks on the family. Some of their favorite pranks were putting whoopie cushions in their parents’ bed, scaring their siblings while they were in the shower, and leaving dead animals in the kitchen sink.
Lilly was the youngest child and she was five years old. Her problem was that she was really, really gullible and would believe anything. She also had a terrible fear of spiders. So Max and Mike would often trick her into thinking all kinds of crazy lies like that there was a giant spider living under her bed, or that spaghetti was actually made out of brains. But their favorite lie to tell Lilly was that no one in the family loved her. They would tell her that she had been adopted and that their parents were only keeping her because they couldn’t find another place to put her.

Then there was the mother. She hated the father because he had done something terrible to her and she had never forgiven him for it. The father, on the other hand, was getting tired of the mother always blaming him for how unhappy the family was so he was planning on getting up and leaving them for good. But of course, none of the children knew this. But if was only a matter of time before the father would leave and the family would fall apart right after.

One day, an old man visited the family and asked them if they wanted to be a happy family.
“Of course,” the father said.
“Are you willing to do anything to be a happy family?” the old man asked.
“Yes,” the father replied.
The old man nodded slowly and replied, “Tomorrow, you will go on a series of adventures. If you work together to complete these adventures, then you will become a happy family.”
Then, without any other explanation, the old man turned and left.
Little did the family know how much their lives would soon be changed forever.

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