The Girl Who Could Make Fire

There once was a girl who could make fire. And this girl’s name was Maxine. Maxine used her powers to protect her kingdom from a giant ice dragon who would attack the kingdom every few years. She was the bravest girl in her entire kingdom. Until one day, she had an accident, hit her head, and forgot who she was. She forgot all about her powers and all about how brave she really was.

Then, several years later, the ice dragon came back. So the army prepared to fight it. Maxine’s father went to her and told her, “The ice dragon is coming back. But you’re going to beat him.” But Maxine told him, “I don’t have any powers. I’m not strong enough. I can’t do this.” And her father told her, “You can. And you will.” But Maxine refused to believe him.

And the dragon came. And the army came out. And the army fought. And the army lost. So Maxine’s father went to her again and told her, “The ice dragon is here. But you’re going to beat him.” And Maxine had a choice: she could either believe her fear or believe her father. So she chose to believe her father.

And she went out and the dragon came running towards her. And Maxine ran towards the dragon. And as she ran, her body suddenly burst into flames—her powers were back. And she used her powers to beat the dragon just like she had done when she was a little girl.

So Maxine learned an important lesson that day: that courage, it seems, is like a match—it gets lit when you run into the fire.

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