The Gas Adventure: Part 4

“Bro, I’m really sorry about all this,” Chase says. “At this rate, we could’ve just bought the canister and the gas all at the station.” “We could’ve,” I agreed. “But that would’ve been more expensive. And besides, now we have a story to tell.” Chase laughed. “But I will tell you this. This better be […]

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The Gas Adventure: Part 3

So we find this drive-in theater and I secretly make plans to bring my girlfriend here. But it turns out that it’s called “the old drive-in theater” for a reason. Because it’s very old. And very closed. But behind it are all sorts of trailers and trucks and stuff and a host of other machinery […]

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The Gas Adventure: Part 2

“Are you familiar with 303?” Chase asks me. “A little. But I’m more of a 59 guy.” “Yeah? I like to think of myself as a 9W type of guy.” “Really? That’s good.” “So what’s on 303?” “You know Casa Mia?” “No.” “Well there’s…um…I’ve got nothing. That’s usually the landmark I use.” About five minutes […]

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The Gas Adventure: Part 1

“Can you tell us how to get to Lace?” “The strip club?” the guy shouts. “Yeah, I’m heading there right now!” I look at my friend Chase in the passenger seat and we both whisper, “Strip club?” “Hey, Larry! These guys are going to the srip club! Come get a ride!” And before we know […]

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