He Got Up

With battle scars on His hands and feet

Because He came not to be served

But to serve defeat


Death where is your sting?

Cuz He moves like a butterfly

And stings like a bee


Our God is greater

Than Muhammad

And Prince Ali


Cuz mighty is He

Muscles rippling

Body dripping


He dragged His sword

Across the floors of Hell

Smashed through every prison cell


Setting captives free

Locking up captivity

Flexing His divinity


And every knee bows

Every angel every being

To pay homage to this King


He’s the King

The hero of our story

This King of Glory


And He walks bold

To His Father’s thrown

Cuz this world is His to own


And sits at the right hand

Having purged us of our sin

Because now He is risen


He got up

So you wouldn’t have to stay down

He got up

To flip your frowns upside-down


He got up

Paid the price for you and me

He got up

So we could all be set free

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