What’s my Name? – Chapter 6

“This makes no sense!” Adolf screams, staring at the open closet door. “How did she die?” Maria shrieks, pulling her hair. Alex is pacing the floor, but a lot slower now than ever before. “Who is it?” Adolf asks. “It has to be one of us. “But we both know it’s not me. The landlord […]

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What’s my Name? – Chapter 5

  “TODO!” Maria shrieks. And the group is sure the windows are about to shatter. Alex is pacing the floor, Adolf is in the armchair wringing his hands, and Lucy is sitting on the couch rocking back and forth uncomfortably. “TODO!” Maria keeps shrieking, clutching the dead dog to her chest. “This is wild,” Adolf […]

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What’s my Name? – Chapter 4

Adolf kneels over Sadiq’s body on the floor and shakes his head, fuming. “How did this happen?” Lucy yawns, standing next to Alex. Adolf keeps shaking his head. Then he suddenly glares across the room and screams, “MARIA!” “I didn’t do nada!” she shrieks. Adolf leaps to his feet and marches towards her, but Alex […]

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What’s my Name? – Chapter 3

  “She’s dead!” Lucy screams. “How?” Alex shouts. “How did she die?” “Did you check her pulse?” Adolf asks. “Trust me,” Sadiq says. And no one seems to appreciate how fitting his statement is. “I checked twenty times. She’s dead. And I checked the teddy bear too.” “This isn’t funny!” “I’m not trying to be […]

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What’s my Name? – Chapter 2

“Well, that was weird,” says Sadiq. “Why didn’t he just change the price?” asks Maria. “What are we supposed to do now? This stupid idiot just wasted our time. Que tonto!” “Maybe we should play along,” Lucy suggests. “He just wants us to figure out a riddle.” Sadiq scoffs. “What kind of riddle is this, […]

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What’s My Name? – Chapter 1

That was weird. But this is definitely gonna be interesting. Trust me—you’re gonna love this story. So six friends have just rented out a house together and they’re standing in the living room arguing over how they’re gonna split the rent. There’s three girls, three guys, and a dog and everyone’s a different nationality—it’s like […]

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Reactions to Trump

I don’t know what to make of Donald Trump and the election. I’ve never known how I really feel about it. Maybe it’s because I’m so shocked that my feelings are numb. Or maybe it’s because I’m actually so angry that I can’t even think straight. I don’t know. But I think a bulk of […]

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