Adventures in Cleveland: Part 1

I’m in Cleveland for the weekend with two of my good friends Grace and Janiece. Janiece suddenly comes down with a mean cold and it’s threatening to knock her out of commission. But lucky for her, I’ve seen these things before and with Grace having lived most her life in Jamaica and me being Haitian, we’re doubly qualified to knock this cold right out with some homemade Caribbean remedies.

So this morning, Grace and I decide to go out to get the ingredients for an infamous Haitian medicine to kill this cold. What we’ll need is eggs, milk, cinnamon, butter, and some rum. There are eggs, cinnamon, and butter in the house so all we need is milk and a shot of liquor. Really simple.

Unfortunately, nothing in Emmanuel’s life is simple.

Janiece is too sick to come out with us in the demonically cold Cleveland weather so she gives Grace and I instructions on how to get to the grocery store and the liquor store. The instructions are the following:

  1. Drive down the street
  2. Make a right to get the grocery store
  3. Leave the grocery and make a LEFT to get to the liquor store


Again. Simple. But again. Nothing in my life turns out simple.

So we go to the grocery store and get the milk and some ginger for ginger tea and everything’s fine. Except that when we leave to get the liquor, I forget about the left and make a right instead. And this is where the adventure begins…


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