57 Rejections

  Most of you may know that I’m a writer. And most of you may also know that I’ve been trying to get my first novel published by a traditional publishing company. What most of you don’t know is that I’ve been rejected by every literary agent I’ve submitted to. As of today, I’ve been […]

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Adventures in Cleveland: Part 5

We drive down the road past a couple lights and are trying to look for this liquor store on our right. But by this time it’s way past breakfast and lunch. Grace is getting hangry, my stomach is having a boxing match with my small intestine, and we’re both slowly getting tired of this misadventure. […]

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Adventures in Cleveland: Part 4

“What the heck is happening?” I ask. So we stop at a gas station because gas attendants always seem to know where everything is. But, unlike in Jersey, there are no gas attendants in Cleveland because you pump your own gas. But there’s a woman standing outside her car so we ask her where the […]

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Adventures in Cleveland: Part 3

“My name’s Tyrone,” the man says. “Make a right here.” “Here?” I ask. “Yeah,” Tyrone says. A car suddenly swerves past me on my right and nearly hits me. “Watch out,” Tyrone says. “It’s Saturday. People been drinkin’.” “Good to know,” I say. “Anything else I should know?” And Tyrone clears his throat in the […]

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Adventures in Cleveland: Part 1

I’m in Cleveland for the weekend with two of my good friends Grace and Janiece. Janiece suddenly comes down with a mean cold and it’s threatening to knock her out of commission. But lucky for her, I’ve seen these things before and with Grace having lived most her life in Jamaica and me being Haitian, […]

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