The Home of the Brave: Red

“Guys, can you help me?!”

Martin and Hidalgo came running into the room to meet America.

“What are you doing?” Martin asked.

“I need your help moving my toys to my new room,” America said.

Martin and Hidalgo looked around at the empty bedroom.

“This isn’t your room,” Martin said, scratching his head. “This is Squanto’s room.”

“No,” America shook her head. “Daddy said I can have it because Squanto doesn’t want it anymore. So can you help me move my toys?”

“Where’s Squanto?” Hidalgo asked, looking around. “And where are all his toys?”

“He’s not here!” America insisted. “Will you just help me move my toys? Please? Pretty please?” She clasped her hands together and made a dramatic puppy dog face, revealing her missing front teeth.

Martin and Hidalgo shuffled their feet and looked at each other.

“I’ll let you play with all of my toys!” America promised, throwing her hands in the air.

Martin’s and Hidalgo’s eyes went wide at that. “Okay!”

So they followed America back to her room and carried all of her toys into what used to be Squanto’s room. It was easy carrying the small toys like her teddy bears, barbie dolls, and pillows. But things got harder when they started carrying the books, easy-bake ovens, laptops, desktops, and fine china sets. And it didn’t help that America wasn’t helping, either. She just stood in the hallway cheering them on and telling them where to put everything.

“Not there, Martin!” America scolded her brother. “The computer has to go in the corner!”

“But it’s so heavy,” Martin said, wiping his forehead. “Can we take a break?”

“But we’re almost done!” America squealed. “You’re just being lazy. Don’t you wanna play with the toys?”

“Yeah…” Martin and Hidalgo said together. “But…”

“Then get to work!”

“What’s going on, guys?”

The siblings turned their heads to see their older sister standing in the doorway.

“Harriet!” America cried, running over and hugging her. “I’m so glad you’re here. Do you wanna play with my toys?”

“Really?” Harriet asked. “You never let anyone play with your toys.”

“Just help me put my toys in my new room and we can all play together!”

“You mean do your dirty work,” Martin grumbled.

“What was that?” America snapped at him.

“Isn’t this Squanto’s room?” asked Harriet.

“No!” America shrieked. “It’s not. He doesn’t want it anymore so Daddy said I could have it.”

“Where is Squanto?” Harriet asked.

Suddenly there was a thump on the closet door.

“What was that?” asked Hidalgo.


“I’m really tired, America,” Martin whined. “Can we just take a break?”

“I’m thirsty,” said Hidalgo. “I’m gonna get something to drink.”

He walked to the door, but America ran ahead of him and shut the door and locked it. “Nobody’s leaving until we fix all these toys!”

And from the look in her eyes, the siblings knew that they were not getting out anytime soon.

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