Cupid’s Bullets: East

This was getting out of hand. So many gunfights. Why now? First West, then South, and now me. Some guys were talking about shutting down Cupid’s or burning it to the ground. I would’ve thought the same back when I was their age. But they were young bloods. Cupid’s was good. It wasn’t his fault if some of his buyers were a little trigger happy.

I walked through the mall, kids and parents brushing past me as I went.

“Meet me at Forever 21,” she said, her voice clear in my earpiece.

“You got it,” I replied. “I’ll be there in 2.”

But I wouldn’t be there in 2. And she wasn’t going to be at Forever 21.

I turned the corner and walked through an empty sitting area with bold strides. I passed Forever 21 on my right and like I’d anticipated, it was closed and she was nowhere in sight.

I turned another corner towards the bathrooms and pulled my gun out of the small of my back. The bathrooms were around the next corner, but from where I was standing, I could see the entrance to Forever 21, but not a thing around the bathroom corner. Anyone coming out the bathroom would have an easy shot at anyone waiting at the store entrance.

“Gimme a second, I had to pee,” I heard her say in my ear.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It happens.”

I appraoched the corner several meters away, cocked my gun then flicked my arm in a wild sweep as I fired. The bullet curved mid-shot, curled around the corner, and I heard a clank as her gun dropped to the floor.

“What the heck?!” she jumped out the corner, shaking her hand in shock, and stumbled straight into my line of fire.

“Hey,” I said.

“Uhhhh,” she groaned. “I think I dropped my gun. I mean—I didn’t have a gun. I was just…I get it. You win.”

I grinned and slipped my gun back into the small of my back then held out my hand. “It was nice doing business with you.”


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