Cupid’s Bullets: Epilogue

Summer and her man sat across from each other at a restaurant three months later. “I have something for you,” he said, reaching under the table. She waited in anticipation then watched as he set a black gun down on the table. “This is fully-loaded with rejections.” She looked down at the gun. “And why […]

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Cupid’s Bullets: Summer

“I’m here.” “Are you, now?” I replied. “Turn around.” I didn’t. Instead, I walked across the library and headed into a study room. “Why are you doing this?” his voice said in my earpiece. “Just to make things interesting.” “You don’t believe, do you?” He didn’t sound frustrated. “No,” I lied. “You’re bluffing.” I strode […]

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Cupid’s Bullets: Spring

“Get down!” I ducked behind the overturned table as he fired at the shooters across the room. Three girls were shooting feeling after feeling at him. But he’d managed to dodge every single one. And he wasn’t even breaking a sweat. I stayed crouched behind the cover of the table and watched as he slipped […]

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Cupid’s Bullets: Winter

“Heads up.” A feeling clanged into the doorknob on my right. He twirled his revolver in his fingers as he winked at me from across the table. “Watch where you’re shooting,” I said, taking a sip of my hot chocolate. The snow was falling in a dazzling curtain of white diamonds in the windows behind […]

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Cupid’s Bullets: Autumn

“Ey yo, shwaty, lemme holla at you.” I flashed him a polite grin, but kept walking. “C’mon, baby,” he insisted, folliwing me down the sidewalk. “No, thank you.” I kept it moving, hand inside my purse and gripping the butt of my gun. “Have a nice day.” “Trust me,” he said. He rushed in front […]

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The Home of the Brave: Blue

“Go ahead!” America shouted. “Tell Daddy! See if I care!” “What is wrong with her?” Martin said. “She’s going crazy.” “You guys are just jealous because I’m Daddy’s favorite!” Squanto grunted on the floor. “We’ll see about that when he gets here,” Hidalgo chuckled. “He’s gonna whoop you!” “Stop it, Hidalgo!” Harriet scolded him. “That’s […]

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The Home of the Brave: White

  “America, let us go,” Martin pleaded. “We’re tired.” “But we’re almost done!” America insisted. “Don’t you wanna play with my toys?” “But you’re not being fair. We’re your brothers and sisters. You can’t treat us like this.” America stomped her foot on the floor. “If you really were my brothers and sisters, you would […]

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The Home of the Brave: Red

“Guys, can you help me?!” Martin and Hidalgo came running into the room to meet America. “What are you doing?” Martin asked. “I need your help moving my toys to my new room,” America said. Martin and Hidalgo looked around at the empty bedroom. “This isn’t your room,” Martin said, scratching his head. “This is […]

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Cupid’s Bullets: North

Three gunfights in one week. But I guess East’s fight wasn’t really a fight. He’d diffused it before a shot was even fired. But still, this was crazy. I figured I was next, regardless. It only seemed logical. Would this time be different? I wasn’t sure. It was great having brothers as good as East […]

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