Hart the Wounded Dog

    There once was a little boy named E who owned a dog named Heart. The boy and Heart would do everything together from eating, reading, sleeping, and even bathing. Everywhere that the boy went, his dog was sure to go. He would even bring the dog to school during the day and it […]

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New Guy (Episode 1: Fit and Flare)

    My name is Joe. And I live with four women. Before you jump to conclusions, nothing’s going on between any of us—except massive confusion from me trying to swim through the ocean of estrogen that is the world of women. And not to mention the personality spices thrown into this estrogenic whirlpool that […]

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The Workers in My Head

  If any of you know me, you know that I talk a lot about the “workers” in my head. Some people think it’s weird to confess that there’s a team of little men operating a factory inside your brain, but I’m convinced that everyone has a crew of workers in their heads. But I […]

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