Life Lessons from Jason Bourne: God Can Get You Out of Anything


There’s another scene in The Bourne Ultimatum that made me wanna brag about Jesus.

Bourne is still on his search for someone who can give him answers about his identity since the last guy he found got taken out by a sniper.


He tracks down a guy who’s living in an apartment in Spain named Neil Daniels. He takes down two gunmen who come after him there then meets a woman named Nicky Parsons who walks in shortly afterwards. Nicky works for the bad guys, but she’s actually a good guy and agrees to help Bourne. But in the middle of the conversation, the CIA calls the apartment and tells Nicky that they’re sending reinforcements to take out Bourne and that they’ll be there in 3 minutes.


Bourne has very little time and few resources to handle the army that’s coming. But he needs to escape quickly and take Nicky with him. So he reaches for the phone, calls the police, and in fluent Spanish informs them that, “I hear gunshots in my apartment. I think it’s Americans.” Then he fires several shots and hangs up.

Bourne walks out the apartment with Nicky and they head to her car. Several vehicles swerve into position down the street and a group of gunmen rushes out to approach them. Nicky begins to panic, but Bourne calmly tells her, “Keep moving.” Then, right when the gunmen are getting ready to open fire, police cars come drifting into the scene and surround the gunmen—the only other Americans on the street—and arrest them as Bourne and Nicky calmly slip away unnoticed.

But the best part about this scene is how confused the bad guys are when this happens. All of them are screaming and running around in their offices demanding to know, “What just happened?!”


It made me think of how much God loves getting us out of tight situations where we think we’re not gonna make it. Your loved one is dying in the hospital, you’re going without food tonight, it’s the end of the month and you don’t know where the money’s gonna come from, and Jesus calmly tells you, “Keep moving.” And then the sickness disappears, someone drops off groceries, a friend gives you a check out of nowhere, and the Enemy is flipping out wondering, “How in the…? What just happened?”


So if you’re cornered in a situation today and you can’t see how you’re gonna make it out, remember that Jesus is the master escape artist—He can get you out of anything.




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