5 Ironic Coincidences That Will Make You Stop and Think


You can never get enough irony in your life. It helps metabolize proteins, carries oxygen, and produces red blood cells.

Just kidding.

But seriously, there’s nothing like some good irony to get your day started. Here’s 5 ironic coincidences of history that will make you stop and think…


  1. The guy who played Jesus in The Bible played the Devil in The Messengers[1]

Son of God.jpg

For any of you who watched The Bible series or Son of God, you may have remembered some controversy over Jesus being “too sexy”. Much more interesting than his abdominal physique, it turns out that the man who played Jesus, Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, also played the Devil in The Messengers on the CW. Talk about backsliding.

Incidentally, he was devillishly good as a villain—pun intended.


  1. When singers with accents sing, they sound American—but only if they’re from Europe[2]


We’ve all probably had the experience of hearing a person sing a song in a perfect American accent and assume they’re American, only to hear them thank the audience afterwards with the heaviest British accent we’ve ever heard. Why does this happen?

There are plenty of linguistical explanations for it that I don’t really know about or feel like getting into. But it’s a common phenomenon that’s been witnessed in famous singers like Elton John, Adele, and Ed Sheeran. But what’s weird is that this only happens with European singers. Anyone who’s grown up in a Carribean, African or Asian household knows that when non-western people sing in English, they still have accents. Just take singers like Bob Marley or Bobby McFerrin, for example. What would “Red, Red Wine” or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” be without that signature Carribean flare?

So why do Europeans sound American when they sing? Whatever the reason, it’s pretty ironic that it seems that the only people who want to act like the West are people from the West.



  1. Black people are called “colored”, but White people change color


It’s funny how in the 1800’s, black people were called “colored”. But the irony is that Black people don’t change colors—White people do. I’d go into detail, but I’ll leave it to a comedian to get the point across…



…What’s more, color is usually good i.e. “You add color to my life.”, we have coloring books and not white-out books. So it’s interesting that when Americans wanted to give a label to a group of people they wanted to discriminate against, they chose a term that means to add variety, which is what we did. Hence the Harlem Renaissance.

It’s no surprise, then, that the term “colored” was eventually done away with and switched to “Black”. But this had virtually the same effect. While there are many cases of negative connotations with black and positive connotations with white, in some cases, black is associated with being advanced and white with being a novice. So when doing martial arts, you start off as a white belt and end as a black belt.

As far as self-fulfilling prophecies go, I’d say Black people have brought color to the U.S.


  1. Americans used to pledge allegiance to the flag using the same salute Hitler used with the Nazis[3]

bellamy salute.jpg

It was called the “Bellamy salute” and was invented by a Christian socialist named Francis Bellamy. He was also the guy who literally wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. He had a very simple and otherwise noble goal—to put an American flag in every school in the nation. So in 1892, his dream came true and millions of American schoolchildren were saluting the flag across the country with extended arms and face-down palms.

And this was all well and good…until World War II happened and Germans took the same salute and used it to hail Hitler.

So in 1942, right before Christmas, Congress officially changed the Nazi-like gesture to the familiar right hand over the heart.

And no American has ever done the Bellamy salute ever since.

I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.



  1. National Woman’s Equality Day is the same day as National Dog Day

cute dog.jpg

On August 26th , 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed into law. This gave women the right to vote and gave rise to National Woman’s Equality Day. It was a long time coming and it seemed fitting to give women across the country a day to commemorate this milestone of being treated, at least in this area, as equals to men.

Interestingly enough, August 26th also happens to be National Dog Day. In a stroke of completely unrelated irony, 84 years later in 2004, Colleen Page founded National Dog Day, in honor of her parents adopting her first dog on August 26th when she was 10 years old.[4]

Women are equal to men. But having both dogs and women celebrate on the same day? Coincidence? Maybe. Ironic? Definitely.


In other news, February has been declared National Gorilla Month in honor of the late Harambe.


Happy birthday, Honest Ape


[1] http://www.christianpost.com/news/from-playing-jesus-to-playing-the-devil-the-bibles-diogo-morgado-poses-as-villain-in-exclusive-pic-from-the-messengers-135904/

[2] http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/08/why-british-singers-lose-their-accent-when-singing/

[3] http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/22/opinion/greene-pledge-of-allegiance-salute/

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