Break-ups are Like Coffee

  I hate coffee. But that’s not why it’s like break-ups.   I recently went through a break-up and it was, among other things, an incredible learning experience. I wasn’t going to write about it, but people have been encouraged by some things I’ve learned so I decided to share.   I used to have […]

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Bartholomew’s Letters

  Recently, a friend and I were talking about what it must’ve been like to be Bartholomew–one of the few disciples that we never hear anything about. Why doesn’t he have a book? And why don’t any of the other disciples ever mention him? What must it have been like to be the one not-so-famous guy […]

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Life Lessons from Water

I’ve been working on my newest novel and I’ve given it to some friends for feedback. They were really honest about parts that were good and parts that weren’t so good, but overall, they loved it. And I was really proud of it too—I put every ounce of my writing prowess into it and could […]

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