The Last Line of Your Life


I’ve been reading up on how to write better lately. One interesting thing I’ve learned is that the most important line of a scene is the final line. It’s the line that lets the reader know what the entire scene has been about. Once you decide what that final line is, you can work backwards and figure out how to structure the scene so that it moves towards that final line.


When you die, they will write a final line on your tombstone. Life is a story, written by God and your life is just one scene in this big story. What will your final line be? What do you want to be remembered as?


One of my favorite quotes is from Batman Begins. Ra’s al’ Ghul tells Bruce Wayne, “If you become more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal…then you become something else entirely.”


If you could devote yourself to an ideal that would make everyone around you better if they were striving for it, what would it be? Love? Excellence? Discipline?


Mine is this: possibility.


When I die and my scene is over, I want my life to scream out one line: With God, all things are possible. So whether I’m running up a wall, jumping off a roof, or writing a novel, I want everyone to look at what I do and realize, “If God can give him the power to do that, He can give me the power to do this.” Anything is possible.


What will the last line of your life read?

How do you want to be remembered?

When you decide on what that last line will be, work backwards and decide what you will do so that the scene that is your life moves towards that line.


And since God’s writing the story, His creativity is always going to be lightyears ahead of anything you can come up with. So don’t be afraid of dreaming big. Because when all is said and done, with God all things are possible.

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