The Best Day Ever: Part 3

  It turns out that my car is so damaged that it can’t move an inch. Some piece has fallen out of place behind the tire and is keeping it from rolling. I have the guy call a taxi from his job and we agree that he’ll pay the fare since this is his fault […]

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The Best Day Ever: Part 2

I walk across the lawn towards my car and notice that there’s something on the ground behind it. It’s a giant iron spring and it doesn’t look like a piece from my car. I walk around and see scratch marks on my bumper. It’s still dark out so I can’t really make out much and […]

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The Best Day Ever: Part 1

The other day some friends and I went over a friend’s house to watch Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. Yes, Phantom does have a sequel and no, it’s not as good as the first one. We enjoyed it, nonetheless, but nothing prepared us for the phantoms we’d encounter that […]

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Enjoy the Present

  ’Tis the season to graduate. Which means that every graduate on the face on the planet will be confronted with the most daunting question they have thus far managed to evade until this day: What’s next? It’s the hangnail on our minds, the piece of rice stuck between the teeth of our thoughts, the […]

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The Last Line of Your Life

  I’ve been reading up on how to write better lately. One interesting thing I’ve learned is that the most important line of a scene is the final line. It’s the line that lets the reader know what the entire scene has been about. Once you decide what that final line is, you can work […]

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