The Woman on the Bus: Part 4

I walk past her and sit in the seat behind her and to her right, directly behind the seat that I’d been hoping to get. I’m still close enough to see her and get her attention so we’re still in the game. I can’t sit right next to her. I just can’t. She has to […]

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The Woman on the Bus: Part 3

She’s there. In that same spot that she’s always in. But I’m just seconds too late. Because there are two men standing in line between us now. And what’s worse, the second guy for some reason has decided to stop walking nine-thirds of the way down so there’s a gap the size of Montana between […]

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The Woman on the Bus: Part 2

So the day finally comes. This is it. Class is over and I’m so wired with anticipation that I rush out the room without my laptop. My classmate hails me down like a cab and gives it to me then I head out the building. I’ve rehearsed it a hundred times in my mind. “I’ve […]

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You Have What it Takes

  You have what it takes to succeed. I don’t know you, but I know that you have what it takes. How do I know this? Because five, ten, twenty or maybe thirty years ago, you accomplished the most difficult feat you ever attempted in your life. You learned how to walk. You might not […]

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Be Bad

  Finals are around the corner so it’s that time of year where the best and worst of all of us comes gushing out. This is when we find out how disciplined or undisciplined we really are, how proud we are of the work we’ve done up to this point or how we wish we […]

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