It was all for love


Now I’m lying on my back

Four men lusting for my innocence

Pin me to the ground

Then drill me with jackhammers and pound


I want them to stop

But I don’t make a sound

And I couldn’t if I wanted

My tears are drenching the ground


They lift me up so everyone can see

Now I’m an overnight celebrity

People say I got what was coming to me

And for a second I wonder, “Why did he do this to me?”


I’ve been drinking all night

From this unholy chalice

Guzzling rivers of sin

Till my throat is calloused


Drowning in this sea of men

Where all I can do is see men

Who I loved but never loved me

But craved my purity


No more virgin

I’m just an island now

No more virgin

I’m drunk on love now


Washed my face in it

And still feel so dirty

Drank every drop of it

And still feel so thirsty


I see him standing there

He says he’s my Daddy now

But I look up and wonder

Where’s my Daddy now?


I cry, scream, moan in pain

Give it up and scream His name

And now it’s done or so it seems

I’m dead and he still thrusts his shaft into me.


But I won’t stay down

I’ll come back like the dove

When this flood dries up

Because it was all for love






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