Life Lessons from Parkour: Grace


When I was little, I used to love walking across the edge of the sidewalk and pretending it was actually the edge of a skyscraper. Now that I’m older, there’s no more pretending.

One of the cool things about parkour is that whether you’re walking across the edge of a sidewalk that’s only 3 inches off the ground or walking across the edge of a building that’s 30 feet off the ground, you’re really doing the same thing. But if you mess up 30 feet in the air, it’ll hurt a lot more than messing up on the sidewalk. And when you’re on the sidewalk, you’re more comfortable moving around, doing some spins, some jumps and maybe even a cartwheel—because there’s freedom to fail.

The Christian life is like that too. A lot of Christians live life as if they’re walking 30 feet in the air. They try their best not to make any mistakes because they think that if they fall, they’ll die, God will give up on them, they’ll lose their salvation and go to Hell. In reality, the Christian life is a lot closer to the ground. No matter how much we fail, we’ll never fall hard enough to split our heads open. That’s what grace is about. So we’re free to move, spin, and cartwheel in the presence of God without being afraid of messing up so badly that we can’t get back up—because there’s freedom to fail.

So if you’re going through life trying not to mess up and you’re thinking God’s going to give up on you because you’ve gone too far, relax. Instead of focusing on all the things you’re trying not to do, focus on all the things you actually can do—and pop a cartwheel.

“Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy.”

Jude 24

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