The Chronicles of Eden: Chapter 3

Eve and the animals trekked through the jungle for hours with no sign of this Adam they had been telling her about. But she had seen plenty of anteaters, gorillas and orangutans—and all of them had apparently been named by this man. She was going to give them another mile before getting down and heading off on her own. There were so many things she wanted to start doing. She wanted to climb the trees, swing from the vines and run on the blue floor in the distance that the animals called “water”. And some of these flowers would look gorgeous in her hair and some of them had powder that would go well with her skin.

Then suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by a soft cry.

“Do you hear that?” she asked Elephant.

“Yeah,” she responded. “It’s coming from up ahead.”

They trotted on and found a log fallen on its side and trapped underneath it was a small, furry little creature.

“It’s a monkey!” cried Parrot.

Eve’s heart broke at the sight of it trying to push the log off its legs and she slid down off Elephant to help it.

“Don’t worry, little guy. We’ll get you out.” She bent down to lift the log and a shearing sensation shredded through her body. What was happening? She fell back to the ground, out of breath, and stared down at her hands. It was like the log had a mind of its own and refused to move.

“Let me try,” said Elephant. She reached down, tucked her tusks under the log then heaved it to the side with a swing of her head. It was like nothing Eve had ever seen before.

“Wow,” she said. “You’re pretty strong.”

Elephant chuckled. “Don’t worry. Adam’s strong too.”

“Really?” Eve wondered. And for some reason, her stomach started fluttering in a way that she didn’t understand. But she shook her head and brought her attention back to the monkey.

“Thank you!” it was squealing. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, little guy,” she said, looking him up and down. “Oh, it looks like your leg is broken. Here, let’s get that taken care of.”

And in no time, she’d snapped off some branches, peeled away some bark and bamboo leaves and made a cast for the little leg.

“Where did you learn to do that?” the monkey chirped.

Eve shrugged. “Doesn’t everyone know?”

The animals shook their heads.

“Well, I guess we should keep moving if we’re ever gonna find this Adam character.” She lifted Monkey into her arms then climbed back onto Elephant’s back and they rode on.

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