My First Break-In

Last night, I experienced my first break-in.

My family and I were walking out of a revival service in Newark, still excited about the wonderful worship we’d just experienced, and innocently stepped up to the van, only to discover that one of the windows had been smashed. There were shards of glass littered all over the seats and the floor, but thankfully nothing was missing.

Now, I’m saved. But for a second there, I went from feeling like Christ to feeling like Mike—Tyson. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s thieves. There’s nothing more cowardly than stealing other people’s things. I’ve always had a secret fantasy of catching someone in the act so that I could unleash my torturous imagination on them. So in that moment, I started fantasizing about how I would’ve exacted my revenge on this stupid thief, Law-Abiding Citizen-style, which involved grabbing his head, smashing it through the other window, slamming the door onto his skull to knock him unconscious, bringing him to my room and hanging him from the ceiling by his toenails, waiting for him to gain consciousness and THEN preaching the Gospel to him.


But alas, the Holy Spirit caught up to my rampage and brought me back to my senses. Something bad had happened to me and I was hurt. But I remembered something my professor had told me recently: “Healing flows out of Christ’s wounds. What flows out of yours?”

And I realized that I needed to forgive this guy. It changed the whole way I viewed the situation and I prayed that God would meet whatever needs this guy had that caused him to resort to breaking into people’s cars.

At the end of it all, I’m grateful that by the grace of God we’re fortunate enough to have our car get broken into. After all, I could’ve been the one so desperate for cash that I was breaking people’s windows. But as my fellow Haitians sing in church, “Si ou we-m map viv, vye fre, se grace Bondye sou-mwen.”(If you see me living like this, it’s all by God’s grace.) It’s all about that grace—no Devil. So I pray that this guy will one day let God smash through the windows of his heart so that he’s able to experience that grace for himself.

3 thoughts on “My First Break-In

    1. Yeah. Stuff like this shows you how saved you really are. Your true colors come out when people hurt you–either darkness or light–and you guys were definitely a kaleidoscope. 😉


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