5 Things the Bible Was Saying Before Science Figured it Out

I normally don’t like debates about science and religion—you can’t prove God exists because He’s outside the realm of science. It normally just leads to interesting conversations at best and shouting matches at worst. Martin Luther King said it the best: there’s no contradiction between science and religion, just between hard-headed scientists and hard-headed Christians. But […]

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It was Never that Serious

The other day a friend asked me to pick them up for an event because they couldn’t get a ride. The event was in Newark and they lived in Belleville and I was already gonna be late. I didn’t know how far Belleville was from my house in Orange, but my gut was telling me […]

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The Power of Words

For any of you who haven’t heard, the movie The Interview was recently pulled out of theaters after a massive cyber hack that threatened 9/11-scale attacks on every theater that showed it. I’m not here to discuss whether or not Sony should have given in to these demands or talk about whether it was a […]

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“I hate you!” “You’ll learn one day, dear,” her mother said. “You think you know everything, but you’re just a stupid, narrow-minded, old-fashioned hag!” the youngest sister screamed. “Mind your tongue!” her mother scolded her. “Rules are rules. And as long as you live under my roof, you’ll follow them.” “I was just hanging out […]

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My First Break-In

Last night, I experienced my first break-in. My family and I were walking out of a revival service in Newark, still excited about the wonderful worship we’d just experienced, and innocently stepped up to the van, only to discover that one of the windows had been smashed. There were shards of glass littered all over […]

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